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Release date, June 2008

LYRICS - pdf file of all lyrics from this CD


Track list:

1. It's All Good    2. Sleepwalker    3. Wipe Out A World   
4. Dance Away In The Dark 5. Can't We All Break Down
6. Spite, Spite 7. Monster Man 8. On Our Way To You
9. I'm Your Superflake 10. Let's Find A Way    
11. The Cats Of Montrose 12. I Like The Way You Move
13. I Wanna Write You A Love Song 14. Sing A Simple Song
15. The Dog Days

This is blue number nine's latest CD. Recording began in late 2007.

Let’s Find a Way is bn9's fourth studio CD and was produced, engineered and mixed by Stefanie and bassist Marco in their own Concussion Studios. 


An album of many moods, Let’s Find a Way ranges from the fun and the humorous to the serious-minded. The band's social conscience is alive and well on “Wipe Out a World” (which examines the ways in which 21st Century technology is affecting people’s interactions), “On Our Way to You,” “Dance Away in the Dark” and the title song. But their more humorous and playful side asserts itself on “I’m Your Superflake,” “Sleepwalker” and the clever “Monster Man” (which uses references to horror movies to describe the decline of a romantic relationship). Seskin sings lead on all of the tracks except Accattatis’ “The Cats of Montrose,” a Latin-flavored instrumental that combines Afro-Cuban elements with jazz and funk and gives Seskin a chance to stretch out on the flute.  Except for an inspired cover of Sly & the Family Stone’s late 1960s classic “Sing a Simple Song,” everything on Let’s Find a Way is a BN9 original.

This time, Stefanie decided to hire an outside artist to design the CD and ended up going through three before settling on one. There were also some obstacles during the recording process, namely, a house being demolished the day of the horn session. Stefanie nearly freaked out over that one! Aside from that, the entire process went relatively smoothely. Marco was much more involved in the mixing this time around. The band was going to hire someone else to mix, but due to budget constraints could not.

Personnel: Stefanie Seskin, Marco Accattatis, Morgan Rose Fite, Paul Munoz, Igor Fejzula, Gary Weiss, Miho Nobuzane, Bob Ramos, Viola Karuri, Chuck McKinnon, Lily White, Rob Susman and Kenny Margolis. Mastered at Foothill Digital by Allan Tucker.




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