blue number nine live Wicked Willy's 6/12/09

  • Everyone
  • Minoru, Stefanie & Marco
  • Paul, Dara & Minoru
  • Minoru, Stefanie, Marco
  • Marco, Stefanie
  • Minoru, Dara, Marco, Stefanie
  • Marco, Stefanie
  • Jack
  • Funky moves!
  • Minoru, Stefanie, Marco
  • Paul, Dara, Stefanie
  • Paul, Dara, Stefanie, Marco
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This was another good time. Thanks to all of our friends and fans for coming out, we really appreciate it. There was a nice crowd in the venue and a few got up and danced. I believe the Mets were playing the Yankees that night and the show was on all the televisions in the venue so it definitely distracted, but people were digging us. Thanks so much to Mike Wartell for the photos!

The lineup for this show was Stefanie, Marco, Jack, Paul, Dara Seitzman on vocals and Minoru Kikuchi on guitar.




jersey city, nj 07307

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