blue number nine in Altoona, 6/27/08

  • Photo shoot before the gig
  • Photo shoot before the gig
  • Paul and Morgan go over their notes
  • us
  • singers
  • us
  • John Thompson
  • us
  • Kids waiting for percussion instruments
  • Kids playing percussion
  • us with horn players
  • kids getting into it
  • Richie and Dan
  • Drummer boy
  • us and our biggest fan that day
  • Drummer boy
  • gig is over (BD, Stefanie and Marco)
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Once again, it looked like bad weather the entire drive to Altoona, but we lucked out! There were lots of kids in the audience, so we busted out the kiddie percussion instruments. The kids had fun. Nice to see our Altoona peeps, as usual!!

The lineup for this show was Stefanie, Marco, Jack, Morgan, Paul with BD Lenz on guitar, John Thompson (from PA) on keys and Dan & Rich sat in a few songs on alto and bari sax.




jersey city, nj 07307

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