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We added this page at some point in the band's history. We know lots of talented people who have, on occasion, shared their talent with the band by making bn9 stuff in their own style. I wish this page would grow and grow. If you have a talent and want to contribute, please let us know. We'll link right back to you!

Stefanie's aunt Gloria
made this...we hope
she'll do a CD cover!



Logo by KRANK of JADE

Logo created by Pixelator Digital Design

    This logo was created by NYC artist Arelita Palmer. She uses paper and ink and has amassed quite a collection of beautiful, eclectic, organic pieces. She also makes greeting cards. If you'd like to contact arelita, send an email to


Below is art created by Judy Collins. bn9 made stickers of the Stefanie playing the flute one and t-shirts are HERE. The balloons were used on our CD "on a shoestring". Visit Judy's website to see more of her cool creations!




- a cartoon by Keith D

Keith is an amazing cartoonist. We had a lot of fun with this project. He would ask Stefanie questions about her life and then make the cartoons, all of which are his versions of the truth - very creative! Check out his work by clicking the picture. To contact Keith, send email to

bn9's former guitarist Minoru Kikuchi sketched this castle on Stefanie's lyric sheet. Minoru & Stefanie both wrote the music.
Stefanie made this poster experminenting with Illustrator. The band has been printing out copies as needed. Not really "art"!




Peter Woudt designed this poster in 1997 or so. It looks much better in person, this scan does it no justice. Peter has done grahic design for MTV and other heavy clients. The band hasn't had another mass produced poster since.



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