blue number nine live at the Opus Theater 11/17/06

  • Stefanie, Camari, Morgan & Jack in the back
  • Full stage - very cool.  Great sound system for the videos that were shown
  • Stefanie
  • Stefanie
  • Marco
  • Jack
  • Stefanie with BD Lenz right behind her
  • Marco
  • Stefanie doing some whack dance move and Camari
  • Full stage...
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This show was fun. More people in the audience would have been nice. If the band plays this venue again, we will walk around the mall with flyers, every one of us, and hand them out. Yes, "mall" - the theater is located in a mall and the mall was PACKED with people. The venue needs to advertise in the mall, but they probably aren't allowed. It's a shame because the theater is quite beautiful.

The lineup for this show was Stefanie, Marco, Jack, Camari Morgan and BD Lenz on guitar. BD's band played before us. What a great group and nice guys, too!




jersey city, nj 07307

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