blue number nine live at the Loew's Theater 10/22/06

  • Camari, Stefanie and Marco
  • Karyn Smith & Stefanie
  • Camari, Karyn, Stefanie
  • Full band1
  • Gorgeous  venue
  • Stefanie - the yellow backdrop matched the outfits.  Coincidence!
  • Karyn, Evie & Camari
  • Full band 2
  • Stefanie without the jacket (it was HOT)
  • Full band 3
  • Karyn & Evie
  • Jack, Stefanie & Marco
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Gorgeous amazing place, and Jack's minidisk came out great! This was Karyn's first show with blue number nine, and listening back to the recording, she did a fine job. No one could tell the day of the show. The acoustics on stage were not good.

The lineup for this show was Stefanie, Marco, Jack, Camari, Evie and Karyn.




jersey city, nj 07307

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