blue number nine live at Cozzy's 10/13/06

  • Shaft & Devil With a Blue Dress On
  • Alien Bug, Shaft & Foxy Brown
  • There is more room outsdie than inside!
  • So colorful
  • Intense Devil
  • Check out Shaft's bass -  pricey little sucker
  • Here you can see that some in the band went to great pains to come up with a costume
  • This costume is so creative, no one knew what it was
  • Sing it, Foxy!
  • Stefanie's favorite photo of this bunch
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This was a Halloween Party on Friday the 13th. We were originally to play outside, but it was way too cold. Freezing, in fact. Stefanie was in a horrible mood. The band thinks she was channeling the devil (her costume was Devil With The Blue Dress On), but it was the weather, really, and just a general crankiness about the band. It happens!




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