blue number nine mini tour, 9/28-10/2/06

  • Live at Sportsmen's Tavern, Buffalo NY, 9/28/06
  • Stefanie, Jack & Camari
  • Camari, Dara & Marco singing away
  • Moody lighting - thanks Ron for taking pictures for us
  • This lighting looks better, actually
  • Marco looking mighty fine and mighty purple
  • Camari & Dara were great together
  • Hanging out at Kathy's place after playing at Sportsmen's
  • More hanging
  • Still hanging... Stefanie attempts and quickly totally gets the rubboard
  • Live at the Utica Homecoming, Utica, OH; Luca  Tozzi, Stefanie Seskin, Jack Gourdine, Camari Frame, Dara Seitzman, Marco Accattatis, Shawn Wallace and Jason Branscum.  This is the only photo because it was freezing and the battery died!
  • Dara hanging out before taping "The Urban Theater" at WISC-TV in Madison, WI.
  • Marco & Jack prepare for taping "The Urban Theater"
  • Sound guy Lonya mugging for the camera (he did an amazing job!)
  • This was the best group shot, even though Jack's eyes are closed.  This is after the show was taped.  Sax player Chris Felts from Osh Kosh, WI, joined us.R
  • Group  shot with sound man Lonya in the photo, too.
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You're going to have to go to our FORUM for details on this mini tour. There is an entire tour diary! But sadly, not a lot of photos. We do have a great video! Check out LOVE THE BEAT on YouTube, one of four songs the band recorded for a tv show in Wisconsin.




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