blue number nine live at Crash Mansion 1/27/07
photos by Salvatore Corso

  • Wayne Goodman, Jenny Hill, Pam Fleming, Karyn Smith, Jack Gourdine, Camari Frame, Morgan Fite, Dave Bokhur and Stefanie Seskin
  • Stefanie with horns on one side, singers on the other
  • Stefanie antics
  • Stefanie, Camari & Morgan
  • Wayne Goodman, Jenny Hill & Pam Fleming - Random Horns NYC
  • Stefanie
  • Stefanie on the edge of the stage
  • Pam Fleming & Karyn Smith
  • Good hair day
  • Morgan Fite wails on JERKING MY CHAINS
  • Stefanie wails on JERKING MY CHAINS
  • Jack Gourdine
  • Stefanie, Camari & Morgan
  • Stefanie
  • Karyn Smith
  • Stefanie off the stage
  • Camari Frame & Morgan Fite
  • Jeff Witt on keyboards
  • Wayne Goodman, Jenny Hill & Pamela Fleming - the Random Horns, NYC
  • Wayne Goodman - trombone
  • Jenny Hill - tenor sax
  • Pamela Fleming - trumpet
  • Stefanie, Camari & Morgan
  • Stefanie
  • More Stefanie antics
  • Jeff Witt on keyboards
  • Stefanie & singers
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This was the best NYC show in bn9's history. The audience was warm and simply fabulous. Fortunately, video was shot and will be included on the band's DVD. Thank you to Wayne for coming on board last minute, Jenny & Pam for being fabulous, Dave for really doing his homework, and everyone else in the band (this is Stefanie writing this!) Thank you to my Mom for selling merch for us, but thanks mostly to all the great people who came out!



jersey city, nj 07307

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