write a song with bn9

g u i d e l i n e s

we were using a public board until recently so that people would not have to go through a registration process in order to participate. Unfortunately spammers began targeting our board more and more until it was too time consuming to keep it going. We now have created a new discussion forum, with a new write-a-song within it, where people need to be registered and approved in order to post.
We hope you'll carry on with this new forum! To view the old write-a-song board click here.

What fun! Write a song with blue number nine!

Here's how it works - click the link below.
It will take you to our write-a-song forum.
After your registration has been approved,
you will be able to post to the forum.
To start a new song, just click on "new thread".
That's it! Try it.

To add to a song, get rid of all the extra lines
and add yours. Your lines should make sense
with what is already written. Someone from the
band will add lines, other people add lines, and
let's keep it in a verse chorus verse bridge structure.
See previous examples.

When the song is long enough to be a song, it's finished.
It will not be used for anything and the band
will not put it to music unless all lyric writers agree.

Just don't be mean or ridiculously sexual or curse or flame or be a jerk.

Any questions, just ask, just post!

Have fun!

write a song with bn9

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