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Important Stuff

American Apparel - the suppliers of our cool tour shirts. They offer benefits to all employees and pay the highest wages in the garment industry, as well as job security. Great company.

Just Go West - Soy & citrus based products, Wind power, and other sustainable practices are important to this company. They printed our cool tour shirts.

Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance - the site is under construction. A really cool green space in Jersey City. Stefanie is a volunteer.

Purple Dragon food coop - We support local farmers and eat real, organic food. It's better that way

The Future of Food - scary movie; a must see for anyone who eats food.

Green pages - We buy fair trade coffee and other sustainable products. This site is a great resource for anyone who wants to make conscious purchases

No Sweat Apparel - same style, cleaner conscience. No sweatshops

- STUDENTS - learn about financial aid and keep that debt manageable, and listen to blue number nine on this cool Podcast (no iPod necessary!)

Music, Arts & Politics discussion group - moderated by bn9's Stefanie

I Will Not Kill . org - Public awareness for youth of draft age. No draft now, but it's a good plan to go to this site and have documention that you are a conscientious objector of all wars and killing


These are links to some of our friends with bands

BELT - fun, creative songs; Jack, Marco & Stefanie appear on their first CD. Paul & Terrence B. of BELT appear on blue number nine's latest CD!

Buzz Universe - jammin' groovin' fun tunes from fellow NJ artist

Pamela West - Ethereal, beautiful vocals, multi-instrumentalist; she appears on Stefanie's solo CD

THE RENOVATORS - Good rock n' roll by seasoned pros

- Yvonne Doll & the Locals are a tight accoustic folk rock band from the midwest. Great stuff!

Pokerface - Out of PA, another GREAT CD. Also on the heavy side, but really beautiful vocal harmonies. We haven't seen Pokerface live, but singer Paul Topete writes so passionately and speaks of his project so intensely, they gotta be good! Real talent

Music Links

Marco Accattatis - bass resources, free transcriptions, services, lessons

Lagniappe Broadcast Network - great podcasts... we're on it!  

- rate us! If we could remember our login info, we'd change the photo

- Great radio station out of Florida


B.L. Howard Productions - Manager, promoter and entertainment source

THE LOFT RECORDING STUDIOS - This is where bn9 is recording... check out their site to see who else recorded the Brand New Heavies, The Average White Band and many others

- Plasma Channel is a cool internet station with tv shows & music.

Oasis CD - excellent CD manufacturer

- Hip Belgian indie radio station

Round Flat Records - a source for great independent music.


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