I'm Marco Accattatis. I joined blue number nine in 1999. Since joining, I've co-written with Stefanie and also with Stefanie and Jack and Luca. I also do bookings, write the horn arrangements, and sing back ups, which is something new for me.

Music has been a major part of my life for twenty five years now and I have basically found myself in almost every musical situation you can imagine, but I have never been part of a band quite like this one before.

From the very first time I saw bn9 perform I felt the music had something special even though it would be hard for me to explain it in words. All I knew is that I had to be in it. Because I am a bassist I have always been fond of music where my instrument makes people move and in this band I have found such a vehicle and much more. There is also a rare quality to this band which I gladly discovered after my arrival; music isn't the only connection between us players, as it usually has been with most musical situations in my experience. In this band there is a human affinity that makes me feel part of something special and which transpires, I believe, in the music we create on the stage.

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Jersey City, NJ
BIRTHDAY: October 29th (Scorpio)  INTERESTING TIDBIT: Avid scuba diver.



jersey city, nj 07307

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