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Dear Surfer:

Hello.... Well here we are in yet another new year. Hope you all enjoyed the celebrations! I'm pretty excited about the new year...

For starters, we have a new member in the band, Diane Chiorello. She's a fabulous singer and a very cool person. Those of you who were not able to make it out to see us on the 21st must come check us out in February! We did our first show with Diane at Desmond's on Friday the 21st of January. Thanks very much to all of our fans and all of our NEW fans who Diane brought to the show - despite the freezing cold weather. We enjoyed ourselves tons that night. And I think we're going to have to find a bigger venue, though Desmond's is an all time favorite.

Special thanks to X-it for coming all the way from Connecticut. I was relieved that the night proved fruitful for them - lots of new fans were made.

That's it for the news. Be sure to check out our schedule for February. We have 3 shows in Jersey and one in NYC at Downtime. We haven't played Downtime in ages and are looking forward to returning.



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