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Dear Surfer:

Incredible to me that the year is almost over. There were so many changes in my life this year, it's amazing my spinning head didn't go flying off. Well, a few times it did. Almost lost it on several occasions.

October was interesting. Borders Bridgewater on the 6th where some old familiar faces were seen was a great time. As I mentioned last month, the last time we played there was 2 years ago. Kristy & Diane did great together. On the 13th, we played at Borders in White Plains. This Borders was particularly enjoyable, and so organized. They had chairs set up, very comfortable, and a HUGE store! Kristy and Sheila were fabulous... it was their first time working together.

On the 20th, we played at the College of New Jersey in Trenton. This was one of those stressful, crazy gigs with disaster potential. There was so much traffic on the NJ turnpike, it took Sheila 4 hours to get there from Queens! Fortunately, the sound guy was also late so Sheila didn't miss much, but that resulted in major set rearrangement - from 3 sets to 2 on the fly. Well, anyway, we had a good time nonetheless. Which was not easy to do, considering the audience was mostly drunk, rude boys telling me to take off my clothes. We knew from what was playing on the jukebox when we walked in that it might be a wierd night. And it was. The people from the College Union Board (responsible for booking us) actually apologized to us for the audience's behavior. I was about 5 minutes from getting real dark on those children! There are truly all kinds of people in this world.

Anyway, so who are Sheila and Kristy? Well, they are the latest back up singers in the band and we should have bios and photos of them up soon. Unfortunately, Diane has decided to leave the band... she couldn't take it any more, which is understandable. It is a lot of very hard work and not everyone is cut out for it. And then later in the month, Mandi left too. We still don't know why, but we'll miss her. But as always, we just keep on moving along.

On Oct. 27th, we played at O'Donnell's. It was a birthday party for Marco complete with balloons and cake... yum! Lloyd Nilsen played keys with us and we had so much fun!! On the last song, a tipsy birthday boy played keys and Lloyd switched to bass. My mom was there as well as our bestest Harrison fans and friends.

Now, I keep telling myself we're going to slow down, and then I go and book more shows! As you can see, the rest of the year is pretty busy and can only get crazier, if we let it. We'll be in South Jersey, Pennsylvania, and a NYC show at Desmond's in November. We'll be playing for the first time with newcomer George DeHoff on keys. Be sure to come out and cheer him on! We also are planning to come to Long Island again in December. Next year, we have some crazy big plans which I can't talk about, but be sure to keep checking back!

Thanks to all of you for the support!



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