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Dear Surfer:

October was pretty busy! We did lots of Light the Night Walks this year.... I'll talk about them one at a time in a second, but I will say that it was a great experience once again.

The North Jersey Chapter of the Luekemia & Lymphoma Society has these walks every year to raise money for the organization, most of which goes towards research and to help people suffering from these diseases. It is very inspiring to perform at these events because there are many survivors present with their families and it's just beautiful. My half brother Judd died of Luekemia. I was very little when he died and I barely remember him, but my Mom and Dad were devestated by his death. He was handsome and brilliant (graduated from NYU #1 in his class) and well loved by everyone. This is why I wanted to do these walks in the first place. The Society gives us money to cover expenses. Other than that, we don't get paid to play these walks and we don't want to. This is the second year in a row that the band has peformed at these events.

On October 5th, we played at Brookdale Park in Montclair. This walk had the most people of all the walks - 1,000 and I believe $40,000 was raised at this walk alone. We performed on a nice big stage. It was a little chilly, but a beautiful night. I wish we had arrived earlier because there were so many people there and once we began to play, they were digging it! The next night, we performed in Jersey City, Lincoln Park - woo hoo! Our home base!! This time, we were stationed on one of those portable stages (Jack calls them "shoe boxes".) The L&L Society didn't expect there to be a stage for us. Jersey City just provided it for them and for us, which was really cool!

The next weekend, on the 11th, we performed at O'Donnell's. It was a rainy and cold and icky night and not many people came out to see us. Poor Jim had leaks coming through the ceiling all over the bar (I have to find out if he fixed the problem, because it rained for several more days after that!) As always, we had a great time. Thanks to those of you who did come out that night! It continued to rain on Saturday the 12th, but the Light the Night walks are rain or shine. We were to perform at a place in Augusta called "Giralda Farms" which isn't a farm at all but an office complex. The plan was for us to play outside, but due to the weather, there was a back up plan - to play in the underground parking garage! Why not, right?! The food was down there and so were the registration and promo tables. Only problem was that the ceilings were low and we were surrounded by concrete. Needless to say, it was loud and boomy. One woman came up to us, stood right next to the speaker and right in the middle of a song, screamed at me, and I do mean SCREAMED - YOU'RE TOO LOUD, TURN IT DOWN! So I stopped singing while the band played on and I said to her, on the microphone, "How do we turn down drums? We can't control the volume. We're in a parking garage incase you haven't noticed. If you want us to stop, talk to the organizers of the event." Eeesh. Meanwhile, no one else seemed bothered, and if they were, they simply walked to another section of the garage where the music as not as loud. I probably should have suggested she do that. Oh well.

On Sunday the 13th, the rain had died down, but we played indoors this night, so it didn't matter. This time at Douglass College in New Brunswick (part of Rutgers.) There were lots of young kids at this one and they were having a great time. I felt like Britney Spears because there was a faction of 10 & 11 year old girls who screamed and cheered after every song (at least after every uptempo song - they liked the uptempo stuff.) It was very cute. They were dancing and having a good time and so were we. I was sorry the walks ended!

We ended the month with a show put on by an organization called New York Dance and Art Innovations (NYDAI.) They should have pictures and possibly a video on their website soon, but check out the section called ART NIGHTS on their site. You'll get a pop up window. Click on the PICTURES at the top to see what this organization is up to. It's quite amazing! Visit their website at They hold "Art Nights" at a place in Brooklyn called Europa Club. Nice club, and what a nice event! In addition to us, there was a tango performance, an art opening and an amazing classical violinist. I didn't know how to promote this event and I really wish more of you had come because it was FaBuLoUs! The organization did an amazing job promoting, however, so the place was packed. Packed with people who respect and appreciate art in all it's forms. We were cheered on to do an encore. And NYDAI gave everyone in the band flowers when we finished. It was a total class act and very humbling. The atomosphere and vibe of this venue is the way it's supposed to be - a family party is what it felt like. After we performed, we hung around a bit when the place turned into a disco. I danced my butt off. So much fun!!

And that was it for the month. I hope you'll come to Desmond's on Nov. 8th because if you look on our schedule, you'll see there aren't any gigs booked after that. I just don't feel like booking anything. Sheila got a job in Buffalo, I don't feel like looking for a new singer, and for the first time in 7 years of bn9, I just don't know what to do next. So I guess I'll take a break.



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