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Hello! Greetings. As we head towards the holidays, may I remind you that blue number nine CD's make great gifts!! On our MERCHANDISE page you can purchase our CD LIVING IT UP IN THE NEW WORLD, and other CD's, and also a DVD of us LIVE at the Alphabet Lounge! Your support is appreciated. Please help us get the boxes of CD's out of the livingroom!!

Speaking of our latest CD, there is a new review of it on our REVIEWS page from It's a good review, woo hoo!

We had a few shows this month. This year's "Light The Night" walks were great - more organized and much more going on than in past years, and also a lot more participants! We performed in New Brunswick, NJ, on Sept. 24th and in Montclair, NJ on Oct. 1st (where we stopped at Applegate's for ice cream afterwards... yum!) The weather was great for both walks, and as always, the people were inspiring. Evie did her first show with us on the 24th (and performed with us again on the 1st) and she did a great job! It was fun working with Chris again, too. I so enjoy giving back to the community and have realized that I absolutely must find myself a career that is service oriented. So much more satisfying than any other work... anyway...

Then, we got together again on Oct 9th to rehearse, had 3 more rehearsals, and played on Oct 28th in Pittsburgh and Oct 29th in Altoona.

Our show in Pittsburgh was good and bad. BIG WITH SEED, the band before us, started late, but they were really nice. Morgan's people in Pittsburgh promoted us, so we had a good turnout. THANK YOU MORGAN & NICK and everyone who came out to see us. On the bad side, the place itself was horrible, and we didn't earn any money (but that's not unusual!!) Well, we did make some money, thanks to Nick taking around a tip jar. The venue never told us that we were supposed to provide our OWN person at the door! How the hell does an out of town band do that?! Whatever. More bad stuff - the sound system was horrendous. We had brought our own PA for the party in Altoona, so we used our sound system instead of the venue's. It was frustrating, though, because when we have to do our own sound, we usually charge for that! It is extremely difficult to be a singer and a sound engineer at the same time (thanks Scott, for helping us out with that), plus, running our own sound doubles our set up time and means more gear must be lugged. Back to good - we had fun anyway, complete w/Halloween spirit. I hope someone got pictures of Luca in the afro wig and Marco in the Cher long black hair wig! We ended our show with a raucus sing-along. BIG WITH SEED got up on stage and joined us. So Young and Kai Johnson on alto sax & trombone were excellent! Really nice guys... We found them through, and they both live in Pittsburgh. We mailed them our music and they learned it and did a fantastic job, and they joined us in Altoona the following night. We also sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marco - the 29th was his birthday. He's 30-something.

We definitely can't play at that venue again. We took the gig because when we travel, it has to be sensible. Gas is so expensive! So it made sense to play in Pittsburgh, which is only 2 hours from Altoona; it makes no sense to go all the way to Altoona for one show only. But despite how good we are, despite all the press we've gotten, despite the fact that we CAN and DID draw in Pittsburgh, no other place in Pittsburgh would book us. This show and all shows like it are yet another reason why I'm just pretty sick of trying to make things happen for bn9. We are a great band. We just get paid and treated like we're not sometimes; it's annoying.

The party in Altoona, on the other hand, treated us well. We were given two very nice apartments, which were stocked with bottled water and fresh fruit. The venue was a nice place called The Columns, and we were the entertainment for a wedding party. Since it was a private event, that's about all I can say. Afterwards, we went for a drink. The venue was having a halloween party and I saw some fabulous costumes. Excellent drink specials too - 6 bucks for a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea, woo hoo!! A guy dressed as Captain Hook recognized me from the Blair Arts Festival in Altoona - he saw us play in 2003! His sidekick was dressed as Peter Pan. There was another couple with excellent costumes - one guy was dressed as an angel, one as a devil, but man, they went all out! The bartender had on a little Greek God number. Only Camari was asked to dance by a cute woman who Jack was hitting on with no luck. In fact, after we had been there for about 40 minutes, Jack came up to me and whispered, "Is everyone in here gay or something?" Uh... yea... that would be a YES, Mr. Observant. It was funny!

Now, our calendar is empty and I would like to take a break for the winter. I love and need to perform, but so many annoying and lousy things have gone on both within the band and outside of the band this year, and quite frankly, I just don't want to deal with it any more. I also don't like playing out in the winter. Too cold! I'm sure some shows will come up here and there... we usually perform at the Empire State Building around the holidays. But until one of our booking agents gets us some higher profile shows, you won't be seeing me getting out there much.

I have decided that since more than half of my life is over (I am basing this on how old my grandparents were when they passed away), it is time to really start enjoying it and cut out as many "have to" activities and annoying & depressing situations as possible. I don't want to spend any more time on this band paying dues. I need to think of my future, and I need to save money and I need a career I enjoy. Most of all, I need to have some down time! It is tiring to work so much. Like we need to conserve the energy of the planet earth, I need to conserve some of my energy!

I know there are many people who never got to see us live. There is video of us, though, from Across The Hudson, and are still willing to burn DVD's for anyone interested in our Alphabet Lounge DVD. So simply visit our MERCHANDISE page if you want a copy.

The Stone Pony show scheduled for November was postponed until December 10th at 9pm. I'll let you know how that is panning out closer to the date. I haven't yet decided what type of show I'm going to do, but I will know by next week and will post it on

So it's mini hiatus time for me.



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