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Dear Surfer:

This was a good month. We started off with a mini tour of PA & MD, 4 shows in 3 days. I've written all about it in the TOUR DIARY section of the forum, so please read about it there.

There are photos on our photos page and also here: We had a keyboard player on one of the gigs and his friend took those pictures.

All I can say is that I'm so happy with the current members of the band -- no complaining at all on the trip and everyone pitched in and carried their weight. It was quite refreshing after all the bullshit Marco and I had to put up with in the past, especially this summer. There definitely are good people out there. My faith in musicians has been restored! So major kudos to Igor, Dara and Paul (and had Morgan or Viola been with us, it would have been great, too.)

Next, we did a photo shoot this month, finally, with an excellent photographer named John Filo. The photos are up on the site. You've probably already seen the one on the home page. You can find the rest on our photos page. You'll figure it out!

We performed at an event called "The Fall Music Festival" in Newark, NJ, on the 26th during the day. The weather was just awful. In fact, they cancelled the last band. It was rainy and cold and just disgusting. My mom and brother came all the way from South Jersey to see us, which was very sweet of them. There was not a good turnout for this show because of the weather and I felt bad for the organizers, but we put on a great show anyway.

That same night, played in NYC again at R Bar. It feels strange to do another NYC show so close to the last one. Thanks to Ray and Marsha and to all of Morgan's people for coming out and supporting us on such a crappy night (the weather didn't improve any!) It was fun.

But that's all that happened. A great month, but not much to talk about.

We start recording in November. I don't know if what we record in my studio will be the final product or just pre-production... it depends on whether a certain producer comes through for us or not. I would so LOVE to have another set of ears this time. I would kill for a producer, I really would. Of course, as usual, we have no budget, and we're almost out of both our first and second CD's so we'll have to order more of those soon. So I don't think we can afford a producer. But we'll see.

Also, Marco is feverishly working on dates for 2008. I'm nervous about it -- I hope the lineup we have is able to tour. Send good vibes our way, please!




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