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Dear Surfer:

Our first gig of the real new millenium went well. We returned to Borders in Syosset. Jessica there is so very cool - she put a great blurb about us in the Borders brochure. The best thing about that gig was that fans from Long Island came and enjoyed, and I'm pretty sure we made some new fans as well.

Then I went to Germany for a week for supposed "training" for this company whom I was supposed to represent at the NAMM show in Anaheim. Let's just say it didn't work out for them. It was a crappy experience.... I've never been treated so poorly as a freelance artist - not even in NYC clubs! These people expected me to eat lunch in the supermarket at 6:00 at night. No one showed me around, took me out or even suggested a decent place to eat or things to do, they spoke German all day and when I asked them to speak English, they told me that it was faster to speak in German..... yea, real fast. I arrived on Monday and by Friday, the demo we were supposed to do at NAMM still was not ready. Perhaps I'm impatient, I don't know, but it would seem to me that a week's time is more than enough time to get it together.... Or here's a novel idea - how about having the demo prepared BEFORE the out of town artists arrive! There was another artist from Spain (signed to Warner UK) on the job, but he also didn't work out for them. Neither of us appreciated being told we had to start work at 11:00, only to sit in a near empty room with no heat until 2:00 while the boss talks on his cell phone. I won't mention the name of this idiotic company because I don't want to give them any free publicity! And anyway, I'm over it and have more important things to focus my energy on.

Plus, there were some good things: I got to see my uncle Danny Daniels, magician extraodannaire. He and his wife Joya and daughter Michelle drove down from Hamburg to see me (I was outside of Koln). We spent a few fun schnapps filled days together at their friend Thomas & Tina's place (hi Matthias, hi Katie!) It was great to spend time with these wonderful people. I also got to work with Germany artist Matthia Keul who did a slammin' arrangement of "It's All About". Should have that version available for you soon! And also Lennart Krarup was interested in arranging a new song I wrote which bn9 hasn't gotten to yet. So it wasn't a totally wasted trip to Germany.

But I got back to NY a little pissed off, and then developed the flu and bronchitis for about a week. Happy freakin' New Year. I only hope I'm purging some negative and nasty karma!

But things got better.... despite my flu, I did a 2 hour radio interview/co-host at I was on Barbie's show, Planet Music and Entertainment, on the 19th. She practically played our entire CD and we chatted and talked all about me, which is always fun - like the beginning of a relationship. And on the 26th we returned to Borders White Plains. This is the coolest Borders as far as the setup is concerned. The audience has seating! Also, I came home to some new cool stuff for the band.... we will be working with B.L. Howard Productions and also Stemway Productions, so we should be busy this year. Of course, you know me - I want to make another CD (waaaaahhhh!!) It's not like we don't have the material. So I'm not booking any shows for March - at least I'm not pursuing them.... and we are going to get to work already!

I'd like to give a shout out to Garth Koren - we've been using Garth for various gigs. He's an amazing professional keyboard player. Check out his mp3 page -->

And finally, if you plan to come see us at O'Donnell's on Feb. 23rd, Angel Pam West will be opening for us. Check out her website, too -->

That's it for January - I'm glad it's over. On to February. And do us a favor - COME TO THE ELBOW ROOM ON FEBRUARY 1st! We'll be appearing with those whacky Random Horns once again. That is all,



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