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Dear Surfer:

Greetings! This one will be short. Because I was out of town, in Italy, until January 9th, and we only had one gig this month. January 18th at O'Donnell's. Jim emailed me to ask if we did a mailing, because things had been a little slow. I was very ashamed to tell him that we did not! However, people came out. Thanks to everyone, especially the Hoboken contingent. That was a nice suprise! We did the gig that night with singer Dayna Span - Sheila was out of town. Dayna did a good job and her mom came out to cheer her on! It was fun.

Other bn9 news - hair. Camari and Sheila both cut their hair and Sheila is now a redhead. I'm kind of a redhead, too. I've done away with the multi-colored streaks and got some red ones put in my hair while in Italy. Next trip to Italy, I may come back a blonde. I've never really wanted to be a blonde, but it could be fun. I don't know about MORE fun. I have to think about it, actually. I'm dizzy enough as it is. Blondeness could make it worse.

And lastly, this month, we moved out of our rehearsal studio in Union City, NJ. I will somehow miss that funky place, rehearsing next to Dragpipe, a cool group of guys who were always willing to give us a hand lugging gear. We moved because the rent went up and we decided to build a studio in the basement of the house. I originally wanted to call it Four Cats Studios, in honor of the four furry creatures who REALLY own my house; but "Concussion Studios" is going to be the name. The ceilings are low, you see, and during construction, everyone working bumped their head on something at least once. THANK YOU Rob Daly, Arie Moller and especially Henry Faulkner for doing so much work for bn9 in exchange for beer and my cooking! Fans - the studio is still not finished, so if anyone wants to come help, let me know: We could use the help, seriously!



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