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January was uneventful. We pretty much did nothing... I said we were taking a break and break we did. Now it's over. Back to work! If anyone has a whip I could borrow to use on my bandmates, please pass it my way. Well, this month an indie label called Shut Eye records expressed interest in including us on a compilation CD. They are a great reputable label! But I have about $4,000 in medical and dental junk that I have to deal with (cavities and a rotator cuff injury - don't ask me how I got the latter because I don't even know!) Inclusion on compilation CD's generally costs money. Hmmmm - blue number nine... health .... blue number nine .... health. Well, if I were 20 years old, I'd probably say to hell with health, but I'm not that wreckless any more.

We did do something this month, though! Very spur of the moment, a studio in NJ offered us a promotional deal on one song. I jumped at the chance. Anyway, here is a link to the studio's website --> Skylab Studios. Check them out! Some info on the recording - The engineer, Dan, played guitar because Minoru couldn't come. Marco, Jack and I went at 5pm on the 31st and did drums, bass and scratch vocal. I was freaking out a little because I couldn't maintain pitch without keys or guitar! Well, it freaked me out a lot, actually. Then, Marco added organ and Dan came up with guitar work on the fly. The entire process took about 4 hours, including setting up and miking the drums. Pretty amazing, all things considered. Dan's not big on vocal effects... I would have preferred more delay. But I knocked out the flute and all the vocals in one take each with only like 2 overdubs. I was pretty proud of that and Jack and Marco were pretty shocked that Ms. Perfectionist (that would be me) didn't wanted to overdub everything. It was done in pro tools and not mastered yet. But here's a downloadable MP3 of what we did --> Never Felt That Way. I highly recommend Skylab studios. Dan works very fast and I really like his ideas on guitar. Listen for yourself.

We're also working very hard on my summer tour idea. So far, we've got a date in Cleveland and are working on getting gigs in the area and on the way and also in Detroit. It's so hard to think of the summer when it's cold and nasty outside. I can't wait until the winter is over so I can feel like a person again! But I guess it's a good thing to plan for summer because it gets my mind out of the present. I hate winter, I really really do. Anyway, we've got lots of help for this tour, so I'm very optimistic!

Thanks to ***BETH DAVIS*** (those are lights, not asterisks), we will be performing again this year at the Amsterdam Avenue festival in May. Woo hoo. It's a fun time, so come on out.

peace & love,


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