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It's been 4 years since I started writing these DEAR SURFERS. I used to only express positivity in them... make it sound like the band was doing just great, peachy, and that everyone was happy and that we were one big happy conflict free team. I stopped doing that after 2 years and just decided to be honest! The honest truth about my honesty is that it's cathartic, for one, and for two, I am not Little Mary Sunshine and there's no point in trying to pretend to the world that I am!!

Anyway, we had one gig this month. We played at the Split Rock Resort's ROCK BAR on January 2nd. The resort is located in the Poconos between Jack Frost and Big Boulder ski areas. Interesting place in that it is a combo of year round homes, time shares, rentals and hotel rooms. It's one of those places that has everything - music, movies, gym, bowling alley, restaraunts, etc. This was our first gig there. I had sent them a kit for consideration to play at their annual wine & food festival in June and the person in charge, who SO has her act together, called in November (?) to confirm us for June. I like that! She told me she books way in advance and had no other openings until the summer, but then offered us Jan 2nd because she decided she should have bands that weekend. She was expecting that people would be vacationing there for the entire New Year's weekend.

The hotel room they gave us for Sheila was nice and we all could have slept there and should have. We didn't get home until 5am! But the gig was fun. There weren't a lot a lot of people, but the ones there enjoyed us. Ray from Avenue A, a harmonica player, got up and jammed with us on the last set. Jack recorded it on his mini disk and some day, Marco will give me an MP3 that I can post here for you. I don't know if Marco reads these, but I guess I'll find out because here comes a stereotypical slur: he's on IPT (Italian People's Time), so there may not be an MP3 for a while. Heh... I'm going to be in the dog house for that one! But at least I'll find out if he reads DEAR SURFER or not! I could ask him, but what would be the fun in that?!

I emailed the venue a few days later thanking her for booking us and she wrote back offering 4 more dates through August! So the people there obviously put in a good word for us and that is totally cool!

Now for the bad news. There had to be something. I am writing this on January 30th. Last night, Jack broke his ankle. He slipped on the ice coming home at 7pm. Marco and I went to his house at 10:30 am and spent the whole day at a clinic who did x-rays and told us to go the hospital. We did... sat there for hours (a good study of American health care - go to the emergency room) and we left him there at 6pm when his sister showed up. They're either going to operate or give him a cast. I have no idea what blue number nine is going to do, but I will keep you posted.



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