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This month, there was a death in my family. I don't want to go into it too deeply it here on the blue number nine website, because it's personal, not band related. But it involved travel out of the country. It was sad and stressful. It also slowed down the CD project, which was already slowed down due to the unavailability of certain members of the band! But that's nothing compared to the frustration and sadness I'm still feeling about this loss. I'm trying to keep pushing on, but my outlook on life has shifted some.

Nevertheless, despite the grief and stress, we finished recording the horns, we used a new guitarist named Luca Tozzi, and finished up the guitar, we got some keyboards done (Lloyd Nilsen, bn9's very first bassist, will be featured on keys on one song), and we borrowed Terrence B. & Paul Munoz from BELT for some male back up vocal parts (along with Marco.) Changes were made within the band itself. If you're a fan, you should be able to figure them out on your own simply by perusing this website. I don't want to get into too much detail because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. The death in the family really made me realize that if I'm going to work with people, I want to work with people I connect with on more levels than not. Enough said.

We're still auditioning vocalists! I'm actually in a state of extreme agitation right now. I have too much on my plate. I want to go full steam ahead with bookings, but everything seems to up in the air.

On the 25th, we had a show at Wild Spirits in NYC. The turnout was sparse, but thank you to Morgan's friends, to Mike, TB & Paul and to Bill Popp for coming out to see us. It was Morgan's first gig with us. We couldn't rehearse beforehand because of the trip out of town that I mentioned, and because of the blizzard. She did great! Not only was it her first show, but it was pretty much her first time singing most of the songs on the set list with the band. Aside from that, I wasn't too happy with the show. The owner of Wild Spirits is cool - it used to be Hogs & Heifers and they fixed the place up really nicely. Drinks are pricey, but that's typical of NYC. The problem is that the sound system wasn't so great. Great mics for guitar & drums, but the vocal mics were distorting on the band before us. So if you perform there, bring your own mics! I don't think our mics were distorting. They do need to work on the sound issues. And we, bn9, need to rehearse on our own! >:-(

Last month, I told you I found a great photographer for our CD... well, she moved to Seattle. I'm bummed about that and it's back to the drawing board.

I'll have some more music ready for you to sample really soon. Nothing more to report. No other shows coming up until April.



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