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Dear Surfer:

If you're not in the NY metro area, was your weather whacko this month, too? It's kind of freaking me out a little!

In the world of bn9, we had relatively consistent rehearsals, once we all got over our hangovers. If you're on our email list, you know that we have 5 new songs, so if we come up with 7 more, we will make another CD. It's been fun writing - 2 are co-writes with Luca, 1 is a co-write with Marco, and others we wrote together (meaning me and the guys - haven't sang with the girls since our last show in October!) Well, one of them is sort of up in the air in terms of credit. We need to talk about that amongst ourselves. So we recorded the new ones onto my computer so we can all work on arrangement ideas, and we're going to start playing them out... starting with our next gig. Actually, we've already played two of them live, so they're not all THAT new any more.

While doing the recording, we noticed that we were missing two mic stands - little ones that we use to mic the kick drum and the guitar amp. I loved those little mic stands, and thought they were gone forever... that we either left them in Altoona or Pittsburgh, but none of us have a clue, because those shows were in October 2005! We've lost so much gear over the years, you'd think by now, we'd have some sort of system. But nope. Well, it turned out we left them in the trunk of Morgan's car, and her boyfriend put them in storage not knowing who they belonged to! Can you believe none of us noticed for 3 months? geeeezzzz...

Other than writing and rehearsing, we've been booking gigs through September! Marco has spearheaded the effort, and obviously, he's better at it than I am. He's making it so that we earn more money than I was capable of asking for. My friend Pam thinks it's because he's a man. I just think the band has hit a point where we've been around so long, it's just what happens!

And my pal Dana Shellmire, an amazing vocalist, is going to join us on some shows in 2006. I'm excited about this, because not only can she sing her butt off, she really wants to be a musician when she grows up! She is motivated and works hard. She just took her own band on tour throughout the West Coast and Canada, and now she's back in New Hampshire. So we've got to get all the materials out to her.

Finally, this month, Marco figured out how to extract the audio from the DVD that we got from appearing on the show "Across the Hudson" at Maxwell's in Hoboken last year. We put it into my computer and it sounds much better now. I'm so relieved! We were hoping to get the remaining 3 songs we recorded that night on DVD as well... that's what we were told we were going to get. But I've been unsuccessful getting them from the producer. Maybe I should have a man do it!



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