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Dear Surfer:

No gigs this month as we've been working on the recording. We did 2 sessions with Igor and the guitar parts are coming along - almost finished in fact. We still have to record percussion, keyboards, flute and all the vocals.

We had the Random Horns out on the 21st.

This was a bit of a stressful day!

The house behind the house where Concussion Studios lives was torn down early this month. The day the horns were coming over, the construction company was out in full force loading dump trucks with debris. Of course, because it was so loud, the sound leaked into the studio. I kind of freaked out! Marco told me to calm down because there's nothing we could do about it, but I wanted to know if they planned on being out there all day or if they had a cut off time... the horns were scheduled for 2pm, so I had time to call them and cancel the session.

I went over to the house and asked one of the men what time they planned to finish, but he just told me to go away! I asked him nicely, even in Spanish, but he still just told me to get lost (basically). This made me livid, so I told him I was going to call the police, which I did.

When the police arrived, he told me there's nothing I can do. I told him that according to the City of Jersey City, neighbors are supposed to be notified of construction going on in the neighborhood. Someone told Marco this. The cop told me this isn't true... they can do whatever they want whenever they want without notifying anyone as long as they have proper permits. I find this so incredibly rude! So I ended up telling the cop my story and asking if he could merely find out what time construction was to end that day. He asked the workers and they told him, "Soon." Of course, this made me feel even crazier! But Marco and I decided we would not cancel the session and just hope for the best.

Well, the work did indeed end right about the time I hit the record button, so it all worked out, but as I said above, it was stressful!

The horns did a great job and I think I did a good job recording them. I had done so much research before the session on "how to record a horn section" but ended up scrapping most of my findings and following my gut.

That's about it for January. If you're in NYC please mark your calendars! We're playing uptown at the Underscore on March 20th with limited open bar. Should be a fun time!




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