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Dear Surfer:

This month we had two gigs.  Marco had a gig with another band on new year's eve - OUTSIDE!  he froze his butt off.  I was supposed to have a gig with another band, but due to miscommunication, it didn't happen.  so i stayed home... bn9 obviously didn't play.  

but we did play on the 16th and the 18th.  The 16th was at the Red Star in Brooklyn.  The promoter called this gig "The Brooklyn Funk Soul Festival" and it was a night of funk, soul and hip hop, but it wasn't much of a festival, mainly because no one promoted it, I don't think, except for us!  The promoter didn't do shit to promote the show, the venue didn't do shit (no posters, flyers - not even a mention on their website), so I was pretty pissed about that.  Regardless, we had a nice turnout of people who wanted to dance on that freezing cold night and the band and crowd had fun.  We only played for 40 minutes, another aspect of this particular promoter's shows that I find to be absolute bullshit, but again, people liked it.  Thanks to those of you who came out, especially Bob & Eddie who schlepped all the way from Millburn using public transportation.  We didn't use the van that night, so we couldn't give them a ride back to Jersey.

On the 18th we played a birthday party for a friend at a venue in Brooklyn called Jalopy. It was a long night, but lots of fun.  The party goers were having a good time, and that made us have a good time!  

We had Morgan and Nadina on both of these gigs.  I really need to give Paul a ring and see what he's up to.  He's working two jobs now and I have no idea what his schedule is like.  We also had Minoru Kikuchi on guitar who did a stellar job on the 18th with only one rehearsal and lots of songs to learn.

Next month, we're back at the R Bar on the 19th, a Thursday, at 9pm.  We hope to see you!!



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