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Dear Surfer:

Hey, everyone...Stefanie here again reporting on October.

We started off the month with a bizarre night at Backstreets in Haledon, NJ. It was a cold, yukky night and the club had no one there! Not even the regulars showed up. The employees were baffled and sent us home early. It's a really cool bar and we were looking forward to the gig, but it turned out to be not as great as we had hoped.

Then we did Borders in Bridgewater (a return appearance.) It was raining that night. Everett picked up Minoru in the city. He drove from Brooklyn to Manhattan to Jersey on a rainy Friday at 6:00. Needless to say, he got stuck in traffic. For some reason, people forget how to drive when it rains (not Everett, I mean OTHER people!) So they were late, but Kim, Jack, Natalie and I started anyway and did an entire unrehearsed set by ourselves. I guess it's good training, for what, I don't know. I'm such a perfectionist, it was sort of not fun. But the audience enjoyed it and that's what matters! It was a very intimate setting and we sold a bunch of tapes and even a t-shirt, got plenty more names on our mailing list and had a great time (once the others showed up, that is.) I hope they ask us back again.

The next night, we played at the Blue Moon Ale House up in Mahopac. What a cute place! It's like a log cabin out in the middle of nowhere, but they have a decent crowd there. When the guy in charge found out Kim and I both like Grand Marnier, we became instant friends! It was a good time, except for the guy who yelled out "Rage Against the Machine!" We did comply with his request... by putting 50 cents in the jukebox. Anyway, we'll be playing there again in January so please join us in group prayer for NO SNOW!

On the 16th, we played Borders in East Brunswick. This was also really fun. A Borders tour would be the bomb. Made some new fans again. I'm working on getting us back because people have been asking. Then, we did The Spot at SUNY in Stonybrook on the 23rd. Didn't take as long to get there as I thought it would. We were short a back up singer, but it was ok. Godfrey who runs the place is very cool. He treated us extremely well (thanks, Godfrey!) It was also nice to see my cousin Elisa and her pal Claudia. Hadn't seen Claudia in a while and Elisa never heard us play. Also thanks to Kim's friend Janice for showing up and sitting through the unexpected opening act's longer-than-a-half-hour half hour set. Also, many thanks to the people who signed our mailing list and left their comments and criticism.

Finally, good news on the horizon about our CD progress, but I don't want to jinx it by talking about it too much. I will definitely keep you posted. Looks like something WILL be recorded by the end of this year!

Other news - I updated my personal website:
Have a look when you've got a chance. I finally put up some photos I've taken of the band Static 13. This was my first attempt at shooting a live band and they came out pretty good! Also took pics of Blinder on the 8th at CBGB's (who were really great! Newly formed friends/neighbors who recently moved here from Boston.) Don't know if they came out good or not, but I'll put them up on the site if they did!



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