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Dear Surfer:

October - No gigs to report. BUT... drum roll.....we finished recording the CD. Now it's a matter of mixing and artwork and manufacturing. And promoting and all that. I spent my time this month getting lists together and making preparations. Marco took a trip to Italy, lucky stiff, and the rest of us e-mailed as usual. We did book a gig at good ole Desmond's in November. Please come. Please come? Please come?! We're also working on some places in NJ and will keep you posted. And we have a handful of new tunes for you.

Also in October, Kim and I volunteered for the Indie Music Forum and we're glad we did. Met a lot of great people and had fun. For anyone involved in the business, I highly recommend this conference. And I've been to quite of few of these sort of things. Aside from the free food and free red wine, there was knowledge to be gained. The conference had everything from a percussion clinic to Advisory workshops covering the Internet, publishing, how to create a buzz, and my personal favorite, a Band Mediation group. Kim and I attended that one - basically therapy for bands! It was incredible. If you want more info on the conference, visit their website or contact me and I'll share with you what I got from it!

And that's about it, folks. Just keeping on....



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