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Dear Surfer:

We had an amazing time at Desmond's on November 10th, our only gig this month. Started off rocky - a double booking - but we worked it out with the other band, so much so, that we're going to start playing with them more often. Mike Wurtele and his band are a ton of fun. Do check out their website: check them out at the Liberty Bar in Hoboken on January 20th! As of right now (5:30 pm on Nov. 22nd) we're supposed to play this night, too, but I may have to go to Europe and California for business stuff. We shall see.

On the 10th, we also debuted our new keyboard player, George DeHoff, a talented young cutie. We'll have new pictures very, very soon!

Also, I want to let you know that suggestions for songs are more than welcome. One fan after the show on the 10th was totally disappointed that we didn't play "The Moment I Saw The Sun." I love that song, too, and am so sorry we didn't play it!! So if you ever have something you really want to hear, just email me at if you plan to come and have a request!! We will be playing that song at the Elbow Room on December 28th, I promise. The 28th will also be a "Random Horns" gig - Ada Rovatti (tenor sax), Rob Sussman (trombone) and Art Falbush (trumpet) will be joining us that night, so come on out and hear the BIG BIG bn9 sound.

Since the month was so slow gig-wise, I have nothing much more to talk about, unless you want to know about the new websites I designed or other boring things like that. One thing I will say is that we've been talking about a second CD.... of course, I want to start NOW. I have no patience, which I've heard is supposed to develop as one gets older... but it doesn't seem to happen in my case. New song idea???????????



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