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Dear Surfer:

This month, I realized that I am not so good at expressing myself verbally. In fact, the only way I express myself well is in writing. It's really weird and I don't like it! Have to change it. I also re-learned how much I hate gossip and telephone game stuff, but learned that I get too worked up about it and I need to chill the hell out sometimes! Ah... self realization, a wonderfully painful growth type thang. Mom says I ought to take a class in managing people.... right....

We had 2 gigs this month. The first was a showcase for an organization called ACUI out on Long Island. We performed for the purpose of getting college bookings. We hope it works out for us! It went well and we had a great time. They even fed us. Yummy.

On the 9th, we played O'Donnell's. As always, a fun time. We always have a blast there, it's one of the few rooms where the vocalists can hear ourselves, and as I told you last month, that factor makes all the difference in the world. We made some new fans that night, real ego boosting fans, which always feels great, and many of our regular fans came out. Best turn out there in a while. Some guy yelled out, "Do your favorite song".... so I sang, "Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...etc..." smart ass that I am. It turned out that there WAS a birthday in the house, so we did our funky nutty version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I usually never have any alcohol at O'Donnell's (I'm a lightweight for one, and for two, it screws up my singing). But I did have a beer (and I'm a lightweight) and on one round, I actually sang, "Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like macaroni and you smell like it too." I really truly don't know where that came from! I mean, it's supposed to be "monkey" not "macaroni". When these lyrics found their way out of my mouth, Sheila looked at me with an about-to-burst-out-laughing look in her eyes. Bob took pictures. Looking at these particular pictures, I think to myself, gee, self, you really should eat more food. Maybe that's why I was thinking of macaroni and not monkeys, or it could be that I'm a lightweight. At any rate, I'm sure you will agree that I need to eat more food (but only Mr. L. will tell me this to my face!)

Check THIS out.... I got ripped off on eBay. I bid on a set of congas. It came to $202.00 with shipping. The person, named Shawn (his website is and his email address is His address is 2301 Parkside Ave., Richmond, VA 23228, phone number 804-360-0650) never shipped the congas. I filed a claim with PayPal (that's how I paid for them) and PayPal said that the seller provided proof of shipment! So I asked for this proof, they provided a UPS tracking number and UPS told me that the item was never scanned by them. This means that Scamman Shawn must have taken the package to UPS and gotten a tracking number, but left UPS with the package. He probably told them, "Oops, I'll be back, I forgot to put something in here" and UPS let him walk out of there with a tracking number. I've filed claims with PayPal, eBay and my credit card, so we'll see what happens. But bottom line - my eBay bidding days are over. Oh, yea, that's Shawn BURNETTE. You have his phone number and stuff, right? Yea, I wrote it above.

Anyway, hope you all had a great thanksgiving! I cooked an 18 lb turkey and it was delicious!! And I ate tons of food, finally, but no macaroni.



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