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FIRST - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you have a really great one and eat lots of delicious fattening food without feeling guilty enjoying the company of your family. That's my plan, anyway.

Since the band had no gigs this month and has decided to take a break, depending on whether or not Minoru, who just got a new job, can take off and go to Buffalo and depending on whether or not we can book some more gigs to support the one we've booked on December 28th....eesh. It's so complicated! Here's the poop - we booked a date in Buffalo at Molly Maguire's on December 28th. But one gig 8 hours away is not enough to justify the drive. So we're waiting to see if other gigs materialize. Also, Minoru got a job in a guitar store and he probably can't take time off. So if Chuck the keyboard player, who did three gigs with us in Buffalo, is not available for the gigs in Buffalo, we can't go. So it depends on if we book more gigs, if Minoru can go, and if not if Chuck can go. ANYway, as I said, since there were no gigs in November to report on, here's a little bn9 history for you!

1995 - SEPTEMBER: Stefanie has a meeting with Minoru and Kim
Stefanie places an ad for a bass player in the papers
Every day she passes a guy giving out flyers and finds out he's a drummer
She meets Eric at an open mic and Veronica at a Buddhist meeting
NOVEMBER: Stefanie - lead vox & flute, Kim - keys, Minoru - guitar, Lloyd - bass, Valery - drums, and Veronica and Eric - vocals - start rehearsing
Jack, who Stefanie already knew, replaces Valery
Keisha, Veronica's friend, replaces Eric

1996 - MARCH: First gig!
Elisa, Lloyd's friend, replaces Kisha
Susan, who Stefanie met in school and bumped into at the band's rehearsal studio, replaces Veronica (Veronica has a baby!)

1997 - Everett, who Stefanie and Minoru already knew, replaces Lloyd
Natalie reads an ad in the paper and replaces Elisa
JoAnn, a percussionist, reads an ad on the internet and joins

1998 - Jennifer reads an ad on the internet and replaces Susan

1999 - JoAnn leaves
The band begins recording it's first CD
Diane who reads an ad on the internet replaces Natalie (Nat has a baby!)
Marco reads an ad in the paper and replaces Everett
Joel, percussionist and a colleague of Marco, becomes a regular
Horns play with bn9

2000 - The CD is released
Mandi, Diane's sister, becomes back up to back up singers
Kim leaves
Jennifer leaves
Sheila & Kristy join, both after reading ads in the paper
Diane leaves
George, keyboards, joins. He read an ad on the internet
Camari joins, also an ad in the paper
Rob a trombonist and friend of a friend, & Ada, a tenor sax player and Marco's friend, become regulars

2001 - A gig becomes a live CD
George leaves
Kristy leaves

2002 - NOVEMBER: Stefanie, Minoru, Marco, Jack, Camari & Sheila

special guests: Ada, Rob, Joel
also with: Heather - keyboards, Dara - vocals, Chuck - keyboards, Nabate - trumpet, Lauren - baritone sax & Greg - vocals

The band records a third CD (with Ginetta Vendetta on trumpet)



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