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This month, we had one incredibly awful show and two great ones.

No offense to those of you who live in Columbus, Ohio. But when I said I didn't think the town was for us, I do believe I was correct! I could be wrong. But I am absolutely NOT wrong that Cafe Bourbon Street is not for us. And I'll even say the place just sucks. The people working there were really nice. I'm not trying to put the place down, I'm really not. It's just has ambiance geared more towards punk rock teenagers than for well dressed people in their 30's! And it's really small and there was no one there except for Camari's husband and one of her yoga students and the student's husband. And three or four other random people. We did sell one CD to a young guy who seemed stoned out of his mind and was trying to pick me up. And we did make one fan (which is great, considering there were literally 10 people total in the place the entire night.) I'm applying for the Columbus Arts Festival again this year, and I'd like to go back and see Camari's new house, but aside from that, no need to go to Columbus! Prove me wrong, anyone, please! I like Columbus. That gig was Thursday, November 11th.

On the 12th & 13th we played at Fat Fish Blue in Cincinnati, but it's actually across the river in Newport Kentucky. Friday was better than Saturday, but both nights were great. The audience was polite, but wild at the same time. They were awesome. I can't wait to go back there (which will be in June) even though it's a 10 hour drive from Jersey.

We started recording a new CD on November 19th. So this DEAR SURFER is short this month because I've so much work to do. As you may or may not know, we record at our own studio, tackling production and engineering and mixing ourselves. So I really have to focus on that right now. There are also some other changes in bn9 coming, but I'll tell you about that next month!

That's it for November. Thanks for reading.


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