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Dear Surfer:

We played for the first time in Maine on November 3rd and it was loads of fun. We performed at the Maine Brewfest. The event was sold out a month in advance so it was a packed house. We did 2 sets -- at 3:55 and at 8:55 followed by a most excellent band called Entrain. They had the entire place dancing. I think people got pretty hammered. Thanks to those of you who bought our CD's and signed our mailing list. We really appreciate it and are looking into venue to return to Portland in 2008.

Speaking of 2008, so far, we have two shows booked -- a summer concert series in NJ and we're returning to the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, OH, which is super exciting.

Back to this month -- on the 25th, Marco, Jack, Igor and I laid down pre-production tracks for our next CD which I planned to mail to the designer (I'm not doing the package design this time. I've found that people are drawn to the one of 3 CD's that I did not design! So I figure I'll leave the desiging to a real designer this time around.) I also planned to give a copy a great percussionist who will be laying down some tracks for us. It will be an interesting album and I look forward to recording it for real, though my Sonar skills are a little rusty right now. I haven't been using the program... haven't recorded another band in ages... so I'm nervous. I hope it comes out great. Ideally, we'd like to record in an outside studio with a producer, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. How DO bands make that happen?! Anyway, I didn't give the pre-production tracks to anyone but the band. We will record for real in December after everyone has listened and come up with parts.

And that's it for this month. I realize this is a very short "Dear Surfer" but it's holiday time.

If you're in NYC please please please come see us on December 6th at the R Bar!!




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