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Dear Surfer:

Do you ever get so frustrated that you say to yourself, "Why did I ever do this in the first place??!! What was I thinking?! I've been writing these "Dear Surfers" for nearly a year, occasionally getting a break from other band members who write it once in a while, and I must say, I've maintained a positive outlook, a bright and chipper posture. But this time, I'm gonna tell it like it is!! I'm crazed. I'm outta my mind! I'm all out of patience. I'm totally frustrated.

It's got nothing to do with you! Our last gig at the Bitter End on the 19th was real proof that we've got fans and good friends. I didn't make one phone call for that gig but we still had a good turn out. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially those of you who we haven't seen a while (e.g. Vanessa, the Yanagis, Todd...) This was our first gig with a drummer other than Jack. We tried out Asaf (I still don't know his last name) and he is really quite good. Solid. Tight. It was by no means a flawless performance, but it was fun. After the show, two women asked me for a CD (eeeerrggghh!! of course, well, you know - we don't have one) so I sold them 2 tapes. They were European, but one of them lives here, the other was visiting. For their night out, they decided to go to hear live music at the Bitter End. How often do you do that? I know I don't. Not many Americans do, especially New Yorkers. To top it off, when they paid for the 2 tapes, they told me to keep the change. These were people I'd never seen before in my life and it shocked the hell out of me!

Can anyone tell me why American people aren't more like that? More into live original music? I've been thinking about it a lot. Is it because most of it sucks or there are just more interesting things to do??

So anyway, now it's 2 days before Thanksgiving. I definitely feel thankful for everything I've experienced in bn9, good and bad! I just don't know where we're going right now. I need a break. We just auditioned a bunch of singers to replace Susan and they're all so good! I'm having a hard time making up my mind about that and about everything else.

Just when the clubs are calling US and we have the chance to make a recording once and for all, I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp.

So you might say, "But Stef, the band's only been around for 3 years..." Well, I want to get into the studio. It's been obstacle upon obstacle upon obstacle. I gotta take two steps back. I think we've moved forward, I really do, I just feel "CD OR BUST" that's the plan, once i GET a LiTTLE resT. You won't be seeing much of us on the stage until the CD is done, or at least close to done!!!! That's part of the plan too. But now that I've written it down, it sounds like punishment! We all love performing. We just have to focus.......until next month...

Happy holidays to you and yours!!!



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