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Dear Surfer:

Hi, it's Kim.

November was a swinging month for us. We had a hype show at Desmond's. Some cool people came out and the vibe was kicking! Thanks, everyone! We also introduced a couple new tunes which people seemed to dig.

On a down note, Natalie has announced that she's leaving the band. Her final performance with us will be December 8th at the Bitter End. We're sorry to see her go and wish her great success in her new life (she's getting married!)

Also, this month, bn9 did yet another photo shoot! We got some super shots from Tony Stone Images photographer Tony Cordoza. He took us up to his studio, it was first class. I have a report that Minoru smiled...not once, but several times. Jack was his cool self. Just there. Marco was the suave international guy. We had a great time....oh yea, Stefanie. What can I say? She was looking HOT! A sight to behold and hopefully soon you will when we upload the new shots to our website. So keep an eye out.

Also, believe it or not, I can say it and can't believe I'm saying it. blue number nine has finally finished mixing our long...really long... awaited CD at the Loft. So much thanks to Al and everyone at the Loft. Roy, the PUNCHMASTER, did a fantastic job on the mix. He didn't have to call the police once. One more step before pressing - the mastering process. We will be doing that post haste.

We're also looking into shooting a music video and are considering producing an enhanced CD. We're currently in the process of looking for sponsors, a daunting task! If you're interested in helping out, please contact us at We've got different things we're giving back in return to our sponsors.

November was a great month and as we go into the holiday season, I wish you all the best. Hope to see you at the Bitter End. Anyway, I gotta go. The Knicks are on. Peace,


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