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It's New Year's Eve and I'm sitting here writing this. Marco and Jack are both here and say "HI!" We have no grand plans for the night, just some good food and a ton of booze. Woo hoo! Just how I like it. It's not a night I like to go out. Especially since I'm pretty tired right about now. Yesterday, we drove back from a 3 day weekend of gigs in Buffalo. Once again, I love Buffalo!

Our first night was at a venue called Crocodile Bar on the infamous Chippewa strip. When we walked in the door, to our suprise, the venue had made huge posters promoting our show. Budweiser must have paid for them because their logo was slapped all over the place. Fine with us! I myself prefer Sam Adams, but whatever. Nothing like a venue actually doing some promotion. That, my friends, is a rarity in New York City, believe it. The place was pretty out of control. Buffalo people know how to party! The crowd kept waxing and waning, but reception was good and the venue told us we can come back any time. We played a decent show (I am a perfectionist, mind you... others say we were great, but greatness is merely something we can strive towards, no? Feeling philosophical at this end of yet another year...) Met some really cool people and had a great time. We definitely will return to the Croc. The people in charge were fantastic and the bartenders were the kinds of people I would be happy to have as my friends! Check out if you're in the upstate NY area. I met some guys from this group (and they're NOT ugly!) They throw an excellent charity festival every summer and invited us to come play. It's in Rochester. I emailed them today, so hopefully, we'll be there on July 26th 2003 ready to rock out! I'll let you know so you can come support.

On the 28th, we played at Molly McGuire's in South Buffalo. That place feels like home to me now. I simply LOVE playing there and I think it's safe to speak for the entire band and say we all love it. Rick and Tommy are two of the coolest dudes I've met in this lifetime. So supportive. Sheila told me Tommy was randomly shouting out "December 28th - blue number nine" from behind the bar about a week before our show. How cool is that?! The crowd was warm and energetic and we sold a bunch of CD's. Made new friends and fans and caught up with old friends made over the summer. We'll definitely be back.

Our final night, the 29th, we played at Nietszche's. I can never spell it right and probably didn't spell it right just now. We were on at 5pm, but apparently, the owner neglected to inform the bartender or the local paper that we were going to be playing. So the crowd was thinner than we had hoped for. But the people who were there made up for the people who weren't. AWESOME sound guy at this place. Thank you Kenny for the CD. He wouldn't accept any money from us for recording us off the board ("Toto, we're not in NYC any more") so I gave him a bn9 CD and also a cap, which he promptly replaced the one on his head with. Yet another venue I look forward to playing again. Very cool.

And Mrs. Connors was a gracious host. Nothing like having a house to stay in while on the road. I also want to thank the amazing Leah Zicari who promoted our shows for us! She took it upon herself to post our shows on all the local websites (she is based out of Rochester) and even encouraged people to come out to see us perform, and they came. Check out And I want to thank Chuck for coming out and supporting (and let him know he better hone up on his bn9 charts!) And a super thank you hug and kiss to Maddog for coming to every show!

Another cool thing that happened this month. Jack got an endorsement from a company called SILVER FOX PERCUSSION. He gets free stuff. That's always fun!

So now the plan... well, we're taking it easy for the rest of the winter. That could change, though, so it's not set in stone!! But starting in May, we will hopefully be very busy touring around and promoting our next CD. The next CD, by the way, will be out very soon, I promise! As soon as our Italian mastering genius finishes mastering, it's going to be pressed. I also may have some more of our first CD pressed because we're running out.

Finally, since it is the end of the year, I want to give thanks where thanks is due. First and foremost, a major thank you and shout out to Pamela Smith at Amazon Radio on WPKN 89.5 in New Haven, CT. She has been spinning our CD consistently on her show for 2 years now. Her playlist includes the likes of Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls. Check out AMAZON RADIO! Also, thank you so much to all of our fans and family and friends who have done so much to help us when the going gets rough. I'm one moody woman and sometimes, I just want to say FUCK IT. But I keep going. Why? Well, partially because I'm a masochist, but mainly because of all the support I receive from the amazing people around me. The band has really grown to be a strong and cohesive unit. Thank you Sheila, Camari, Marco, Jack and Minoru... and how about one of you guys write a "Dear Surfer" once in a while in 2003, eh?!

peace & love,


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