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Our first gig this month was on December 4th. It was a lunchtime show at the Empire State Building. We were to perform from 12:30-1:30 and were told to play holiday songs, wear Santa hats (which would be provided) and bring ID because security there is tight. Sheila drove in the night before and got to Jersey around 11pm. Next morning, we got up and got moving and left 5 minutes later than we had planned. Before getting into the Lincoln Tunnel, we realized someone forgot their ID! So we rushed back to the house to get it which cut 20 minutes off our time. Everyone started to panic. We even made a righthand turn onto fifth avenue off of one of those ingenious through streets (for those who don't know, there was a law passed recently for certain streets in midtown NYC. They are called "Thru Streets" and they're supposed to ease traffic flow by forcing people on those streets to go straight and only make turns on certain avenues. I think we were on 37th street, and the only streets where one is allowed to make a turn are 6th Ave, Park Ave and 2nd Ave. They're not helping traffic flow at all, in my opinion!) There were cops all around, but we didn't get pulled over, thankfully! After all that panic, we made it on time and as Murphy would have it, we didn't even need to show ID! Minoru met us there, and so did Doreen Younglove who was subbing as a back up singer. The show itself was loads of fun. We did our crazy versions of "Jingle Bells" and "Let It Snow" and Sheila sang "Frosty the Snowman", but all the rest of the tunes were originals. Special thanks for Doreen's co-workers for coming out and supporting! We were in a hallway and the audience was a mere 3 feet away. I actually liked that, and the crowd seemed to dig us. Doreen did a GREAT JOB and her co-workers gave her mad props, serious cheering. It was so much fun. Thanks to BAI Music for hooking us up. Also, thanks to Bill Turner (of Bill Turner and Blue Smoke) for doing sound and for the encouragement.

The night before the 4th, John of Love Sexy, offered us a gig for the following Saturday. Not much time to promote, but I figured we might as well do it... we weren't booked as a band or as individuals. Sheila came in Friday night. It was cold outside and we didn't have a great turn out at all. The night started with a music video debut, but all the people who had come for that left as soon as it was over. An acoustic duo followed and then we played. We had arrived at 7 so that we could be all set up prior to the other happenings... the music video didn't start on time and the entire night fell behind... the poor acoustic guys only got to play 3 songs. We played 7. The venue was a very cool nightclub and the sound was damn good! The sound guy was very cool, too. Overall, nothing to complain about, for once! Except it would have been nice if we had a bigger turnout. Oh well... we looked fabulous and sounded great. Thanks so much to Anne Marie, who I met on the gogirls music list, for coming out!

We got the video from Aaron - he shot video of us on August 14th, the day of the blackout. We had a show at NJPAC and he came along from getting ready to the show itself and put together a FUNNY and ENTERTAINING documentary. I wanted to attempt to make it streaming so you could watch it on the web, but it's 45 minutes long... I wish I could show it to everyone, but it isn't possible.

Did nothing New Year's Eve. Didn't even watch the ball drop. Gig tomorrow in PA.

That's it for December. Happy Holidays!! Happy New Year! Coming up on year number nine for blue number nine.



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