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Happy New Year.

We spent this month doing quite a number of things... Well, I should say I, Stefanie, did quite a number of things. We started recording in November. I have to be honest - it hasn't gone as smoothly as I had hoped, and the enthusiasm and performances by some have been frustrating! But I'm getting a lot done, somehow. We will have many guest musicians on this recording and they're all very enthused about it, so that's cool! We laid down some keys this month, and all of the bass and drums are finished. We also auditioned new backup vocalists, and two who are keepers, but we'll see how it goes (it depends on their schedules by the time bn9 starts gigging a lot again). Also, you may have noticed, I made some changes to the website this month!

Back to the back up vocalist auditions - we got a zillion responses to an ad we placed. Amy came over and helped us audition these women. It was very cool of her to do this, considering she left the band! I have certainly been fortunate to have worked with some really cool women, like Amy. And speaking of cool women - Kristy Cates, an ex-singer of ours, is now some kind of Broadway star, it seems. I googled her name the other day because I hadn't spoken to her in a while. We did stay in touch (I always thought of her as a little sister, seeing as we're both Pisceans and all). Last time we spoke, she was going through some love troubles and asking for my advice. Anyway, I googled her. Try it! She's actually performed a lead role on Broadway, because she was the understudy! I always knew she'd make it, even though she didn't! I can remember her emails - she almost gave up at one point. Heh.. I can say "I knew her when...", and I've got her on video. :-) .

Amidst recording, I actually wrote another good song. I started reading a book this month on songwriting. I haven't attempted to improve my songwriting in a long time. It's always a good thing to continue learning. Some things in the book I already do/know, but there's always something to learn.

I've got a great photographer lined up for the artwork for the CD. After all the effort I'm putting into this one, I have to say that it may be my last. I just really never got where I wanted to get with blue number nine (earning a living as an artist) and now, we're going on 10 years. I think that's enough time. We do have a booking agent working for us now, and I'm kind of putting all my eggs in that basket. If a booking agent can't help us, than no one can, and as I said, 10 years is enough time to figure that out. BUT - I am going to finish this CD! As you may or may not know, we do all the recording & mixing ourselves. So far, it's sounding good, but I'm getting much pickier than I was with "shoestring".

Then, we took a couple gigs... New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Urbanna, VA. It was kind of last minute, but the proprietor of the venue sounded so cool, I thought, WHY NOT? They put us up in a house on a farm, stocked the fridge with food, fed us in the restaraunt also, and basically extended the hospitality that the South is known for! The venue was a cute restaraunt on a dock. The town is small and rural. The people were incredibly nice. I think we gave them a good time... they were dancing! This was our first show ever on New Year's Eve. I've never accepted a booking in the past because it was never worth it. This was worth it. Spending New Year's Day on a farm in 70 degree weather breathing clean air - that alone made it worth it! And the fact that we were surrounded by really cool, fun, nice, friendly people. We're all looking forward to returning to that interesting little town.

Well, that's it for this month. I'm now crazily trying to book shows, audition yet another singer, finish the recording, do my tutoring, do my other 3 day a week office gig, not to mention cope with some personal family issues. The year is off to a crazy start!


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