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Dear Surfer:

I hope everyone enjoyed whatever holiday you celebrate in December. I don't celebrate anything. I'm aholidagious! To me, it's only a holiday if I'm out of the NY metro area! Nevertheless, the day was spent with good friends, amazing food and lots of good red wine and grappa and other things. It was great fun. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wrote a couple of new songs this month (two, with ideas for 2 more) Most of them are HaPpY, but one is really sad - it's probably too sad for bn9. I'm excited, though, because I've been in a dry spell for a while. In fact, while I have co-written songs in 2005, I don't think I wrote a single song myself. Hmmmm... wonder why. In other bn9 news, this month we also booked a show at the Triumph Brewery in New Hope after much back & forth with the booking person. It will be nice to return there. We'll be performing with our pals Buzz Unvierse! Check them out when you can, they're fun and nice guys --> And we are still working super hard on tourdates for 2006. We really want to return to Fort Wayne, IN, Columbus, IN and Green Bay, WI as well as other areas we played last year. We met so many great people, I really want to see them again. So, we are working on it and it all depends if we can earn enough money touring to pay for it and still pay our bills. It's not looking too promising at this point - no one seems to have much of a budget any more, plus, there's some crappy news which I'll tell you about later in this letter.... But we'll try every option we have and we won't give up until by not giving up, we could be considered certifiably insane (I think I already am, actually.... but that's for a discussion in a different format than this!)

My solo show on December 10th came and went. The musicians did a great job, and the people at the Stone Pony were fabulous to work with: Really nice, helpful (they helped Jeff Witt carry his organ and Leslie cabinet) and lacking in nasty attitude. It was refreshing. It was also nice to see Hazy Davey in person again after so many emails back and forth leading up to the show. The green room was warm and cozy and stocked with food. But that's about all I have to say, because I'm not sure if I should be Ms. Public Relations UpVibe positivity and lie about how great it was, or if I should use this letter to individually thank the eight people who came to see us. I probably shouldn't reveal that only eight people came to see us, so I better not thank them indivdually but will say - Thanks to the great supportive people who came out - and I'm not going to say anything else, other than this: Please support the NJ Music Hall of Fame's endeavors! Thanks.

Then, two crappy things happened in one week - Camari informed us that she will not be moving back to NYC on Jan 1 as planned (her yoga gig fell through, and that was to be her bread and butter income.) And Jack bought a car and trashed the van. He did this without discussing it with anyone in the band prior to doing it. So now, we have no tour vehicle, and we're all a little bit freaked out I must admit. So we may not be touring at all! Can't afford to buy a van right now, and renting them costs a fortune. We'd be using all our income from touring on renting a vehicle, and that's just not going to work. I, of course, need to organize a band meeting so that we can talk about our current obstacles. We have some ideas which some of us have discussed on the phone, but we do all need to get togther. But we may actually be done as a band sooner than I had expected! Don't know, we'll see. But with money the way it is, it's not looking too good. I hate to give you all such downer news during this joyful season, but that's the way it goes.

Happy New Year. Let's hope 2006 is better than 2005!



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