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Dear Surfer:

Again, nothing much happened this month. A few rehearsals... well, two new songs! They're not completely finished, but I came up with lyrics, and they were co-written with Marco and also with Marco, Karyn & Jack. But I really don't like this time of year! A friend of mine ended up in the hospital 2 days before Christmas... That same evening, one of my closest friends got into a car accident. She is fine, but her dog was killed. And of course, the memories of catastophes past are so much more pronounced than usual this time of year. Perhaps I'm just a humbug, I don't know. Oh yea, and the weather -- I finally watched Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". I mean, we all SEE how the weather has absolutely changed, but after seeing this movie, I'm afraid we might see serious and devastating change in my lifetime.

On that cheery note, I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE celebration! (I've decided it's stupid to say "Happy New Year" because a year lasts 365 days, so why say "Happy New Year"?!! I tell people, "May you 2007 exceed your expectations.) Wow, I really am not into the holiday spirit at all, am I. Well, I didn't create it!

So speaking of New Year's Eve, my plan is this: I am going to drink some champagne or maybe just some hot chocolate and go to bed nice and early. No party, no celebration... hell, no one to toast with. But... who cares. I can't allow myself to care.

Everyone, I wish you all the best and hope that you ring in the New Year in the way you want and enjoy every second of it and that 2007 is a fabulous year for you!

One last thing - if you are in NYC or close to NYC, come see the band at Crash Mansion on january 27th. We will have Jeff Witt on keyboards and Jenny Hill, Pam Fleming & Rob Susman on sax, trumpet and trombone. Jenny & Pam are playing with Government Mule on New Year's Eve at the Beacon Theater, which is high profile and super cool! Also, this show will be bn9's LAST show in a music venue of this sort in NYC. Last one EVER. I'll tell you why later.....



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