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Dear Surfer:

Wow, this is the longest in the band's history that I've let the Dear Surfer lapse for so long. It's December now and I can't remember what happened in October! I know we had the month off in terms of shows and we didn't rehearse either. Igor is in Spain and we're not sure when he's coming back.

In November, we had one show at the R Bar on the 12th. This was not our best attended show ever! It's tough to get people out on a Wednesday night, I guess. We had fun anyway, though. It was me, Jack, Marco, Nadina and Paul with Luca Tozzi on guitar (who did a fantastic job -- man, do I miss his playing) and Bob Ramos on percussion.

This month, December, we returned to the R Bar on the 17th. We had a few more people out this time, including my sister Sue. I always like when she comes to see us play. I like my when my mom's able to come, too. This night, we had the same lineup as last month, only we had Brian sit in on harmonica and we had Minoru Kikuchi, our original guitar player, on guitar. He did a great job with only one rehearsal! It was lots of fun.

Also, this month, our CD was reviewed in national publication called ELMORE MAGAZINE. It's a great review and we're all happy about it. You can read it on our reviews page.

Marco is working on shows for 2009 but it's not looking so great. I guess we'll never have another year like we had in 2006. That was a busy year and we played great shows and made some decent money. But Marco told me that many places either no longer having concert series or their budgets have been slashed so much, they can't hire out of town bands. It's got me kind of down. I love touring and want to do it again in 2009! I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

Happy holidays to all of you and wishing you a fun New Year's Eve and a fantastic start to the new year!! And in case you're curious, I'm still not smoking cigarettes! Woo hoo!!



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