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Dear Surfer:

Hey people! Another year bites the dust. But I must admit, we accomplished quite a bit as a band. If you look at our past gigs page, you'll see that this year we've done nearly double the number of shows we did last year. We've been busy!

Brief report on December - Borders on the 11th was fun and a good connection. They have listening stations set up for indie bands. Hopefully, bn9's CD will be included by the end of 1999! The woman who runs the music said we done good - good response (thanks to everyone who came out to see us!) So we just may be back.

Since I mentioned the CD, I guess I should tell you that we actually have a plan now, finally, and began pre-production this month. We'll be rehearsing more than ever towards this recording so unfortunately, you won't be able to see us live for a while. Like I said last month, we have to focus!! We'll be in Mahopac in January, but nothing else booked before or after that date. As always, we'll keep you posted.

One last thing: On December 18th, Kim, Jack and I went to see Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, NJ. Well, honestly, the sound system there S-U-C-K-E-D!!! It was simply unable to handle the funk (actually, it just sucks, plain and simple. It sucked when we played there. Did I mention the sound system sucked?) But that didn't stop the Warriors from putting on one slammin' show. I haven't moved my booty like that in a long time. Bernie is such a great performer, and he's funny as hell. The man is 54 years old and still pounding out the real shit. Check out his website, buy his CDs (his live CD recorded somewhere in NYC, while not the prettiest packaging in the world, will blow you away!) WEB===> BERNIE's WOO-NIVERSE.

Not much more to say. I'm really in holiday mode. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Talk to you in 1999.



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