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Dear Surfer:

Happy New Year! I won't say happy new milennium, because in reality, the milennium doesn't start until there! I'm a humbug about all this Y2K nonsense.

Anyway, the year is over. It was quite a year. Lots of stress, but lots of good stuff, too. We recorded a CD this year. Sorry to say it won't be RELEASED until next year, but we did it. We have some new members in the band who we all get along with and who are really great to work with. Our monthly rehearsal space is working out fine, things are pretty good! I am very thankful for all of the good things that happened this year and can't wait to face next year's challenges.

Ok - about December. We played at the Bitter End on the 8th. What a night(mare). First of all, thank you to those of you who came out that night and stuck around until 11:40 which is the time we actually got on. It was supposed to be 10:30, but the band on at 8:30 decided they could play as long as they wanted, which turned out to be an hour and a half! I got into an argument with them backstage! One of the guys in the band said, "Well, we were recording and it took time to set up the recording equipment and break it down..." and I said, "NooooOOooo, it took TIME because you were on the STAGE for an hour and a half!" I was pissed. Bands are given ONE HOUR to get on stage, play and be off the stage! So why was this band so special?? They play the Bitter End often...they must be favorites or something. But is this fair? People came to see us, it was a Wednesday, we said 10:30.... I just don't like to let fans down. It's not right. Natalie's friends all had to leave and didn't even get to see her perform. EEEEeergh. Just thinking about it makes me mad all over again. Aside from that crap, the gig went well. Doreen Younglove did "Be Like You" - what a voice on her! We gave Natalie farewell flowers (daisies....BLUE daisies) and we sounded great! I put some new RealAudio files up on this site. They're from that gig. They're on our Music page.

So we got home really late the night of the Bitter End, and played the following night at the Liquid Lounge in Hoboken. Thanks to all the Hobokenites who came out that night! Happily, we're going to be back there, this time on a Friday (Feb. 25th - we'll keep you informed.) I think the guy liked us. He also paid us more than originally agreed upon. How often does THAT happen!?

Finally, we recorded 3 more songs this month, which was fun. New songs. We were helping out this guy Chris who goes to NYU. It was a good deal! We'll get a good demo out of it.

And that's about it. No need to mention that nasty flu that's going around which came with me to visit my family in Las Vegas. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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