blue number nine's logo

Dear Surfer:

Hi. 1999...started off a tad rocky. First, trademark trouble. Whatever your religion, please throw in a prayer for us that we get to trademark our beloved name!!! I just can't imagine a cooler logo than the one above. Second, car trouble. It's a personal thing, but man - what a pain! Third, sick as a dog for like 2 weeks. Anyone else catch that nasty flu?

So now the first month of the last year starting with "1" is over. We had one gig to show for ourselves...the Blue Moon Ale House on the 23rd. Fun, again, but more fun this time! Despite the lack of visibility on the roads (major fog), the place was packed. People danced, Don treated us very nicely and it was a blast. I was so out of shape though! We've been rehearsing a lot and working towards our CD...not gigging. By the end of the night, I thought I was gonna drop! Gotta get back into shape. This gig also introduced the world to Denyse (we call her "Nyse"), who sang back ups with us. Despite her bad cold, she did a great job.

So what's this about a CD, you ask? Well, we have our first recording dates planned, and in typical Stefanie style, lots of people are getting involved. We have 3 people helping produce (I'll divulge more info later), in addition to Natalie I'm asking a couple of guest singers to come in and lay down some vocals, AND we're getting a horn section...hopefully...well, maybe. We've talked about, let's just say that. Minoru would kill me if he knew that I've let this information out to the whole world, but he doesn't have a computer, so he'll never know. Moo-ha-ha-ha-ha!