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Dear Surfer:

We sincerely apologize for the misinformation on our February flyer for the Hoboken Runner's Club benefit Snow Ball. We were given wrong info and put it on our flyers. Please email us personally if you were disappointed in any way! We want to hear from you.

Now for the news - February was a crazy month. Downtime on the 17th - thanks to those of you who came out. It was cold that night! They have invited us back on a Friday night. Hopefully, that will be more convenient so that more of you can come. It's a nice place with a cool stage and great lighting. Definitely one of the better places to see us. On the 18th, we played at O'Donnell's in Harrison. We'll definitely be playing there again. Thanks to Dave & Kathleen for taking the plunge and hopping on the PATH train from Hoboken to Harrison. It's a great bar, with good beer and fine whiskeys. We're going to make some trips there on Thursday nights for their single malt tastings. Do check out their website for events - A Real Pub. This bar needs everyone's support, and deserves it. When our CD is ready, the bar offered to sell it for us, even on nights we're not playing there. This kind of support of live original music is rare. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and how fortunate I feel to play with such great musicians who enable us to play under such pleasant conditions.

Then, after 2 nights in a row and a week of mixing our CD and very little sleep, we played Saturday the 19th at the Hoboken Runner's Club annual Snow Ball. This was too much fun. We did a mix of remakes and originals. People danced and seemed to have a great time. My mom came. I saw her dancing, but then all of a sudden, her partner disappeared. She later told me that when she told this 30 something year old guy that I was her daughter, his eyes popped out of his head and he thanked her and slipped outta there. I guess the boy couldn't handle the older woman thing!!! Go ahead Mom!

The 25th, we returned to the Liquid Lounge in Hoboken, another highly supportive live music venue. Any of you musicians out there, do write me for the info on both the Liquid Lounge and O'Donnell's pub. If you're looking to play rooms where the booking people work WITH you and not against you, I can't praise these places highly enough.

Lastly, the CD is mixed and the artwork is done. We are now at the mastering stage. I'm well past the point where I'm going to project release dates! I'm hoping by the spring we'll be having a release party, but one never knows....delays are part of the process. But we think you'll be happy with the end result!



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