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Dear Surfer:

The good news is I got paid for the time I spent in Germany. They wired me the money. See January's newsletter if you don't know what I'm talking about. HOORAY!!

Now for the latest..... Our debut CD won an award from Kweevak's tracks as one of 10 Indie CDs of the year. COOL! Thanks to everyone who voted for us. I was interviewed on the air at on Feb. 16th. I'm wondering how many of you got to hear it. It was fun talking Jersey stuff with fellow Jerseyites Jerry & Richard.

Our first gig in February was on the 1st at the Elbow Room. Again, we had the fabulous Random Horns with us. Don't know when we'll be back there, but if there is a next time, I'm telling you, you must see these shows! The horns add so much and the stage is grand. On the 4th, we played at Borders in Commack for the first time. Again, a bunch of new Long Island fans came out to hear us.... for some reason, I was wiped out that day. Two o'clock in the afternoon is not early, but I was beat. Maybe it was the crappy movie I watched on DVD the night before. On the 8th, we played at the wonderful Tribeca Blues. What a cool room with a great sound guy. This was a Stemway Productions event and we hope to do it again soon.

On the 23rd, we returned to O'Donnell's Pub. "This Week In Jersey City," our local JC paper, arrived in my mailbox on Feb. 15th and I found myself staring at myself on the cover. I had no idea they were going to do this. They also put us on the cover of their Kearny/Newark/Harrison paper. I scanned the covers - they're on our photos page. Great promo for our O'Donnell's show - a lot of people came out that night! Which thrills me, because I have asked you all a thousand times to support O'Donnell's and finally, it happened. Now, was I right, or what? Does that bar rock, or what? Yes, it does. And so did we that night! Our opener was the amazing Pamela West, a singer/songwriter/flutist/bassoonist/keyboardist/guitarist from Michigan who is a recent transplant to NYC, and a good good friend of mine. She did a kick ass job that night and the crowd was 100% satisfied. Also, that was the night of the "Great Guiness Toast." At 11 pm, people across the country did a toast to Guiness beer. It was pretty cool.

Finally, on the 25th, Sheila, Marco, Jack, George and I headed over to and did a live interview on the show. This webcast plays some great music. You can call in and request us, or instant message them at BUMPSKEY any time between 1pm and 1am to request blue number nine. You need the Windows Media Player to play their webcast, and it sounds great. Tune in now by clicking here!!

Last thing - I wrote lyrics to a killer new song this month; Marco and I wrote the music. I am DYING to debut this song. I can't wait for you all to hear it.



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