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Dear Surfer:

Hello! WPKN, 89.5 FM which broadcasts out of Bridgeport, CT, has a show called "Amazon Radio." It plays Tuesdays from 6:30-10 and they've been playing our CD since it came out! So please try to tune in!!

Ggggigggs this month - Started on Feb. 8th with Tobacco Road. Dayna got up and sang, Jami Dauber came down and sat in on trumpet, along with Rob Susman (trombone) and Ada Rovatti (tenor sax.) And also Ginetta of Ginetta's Vendetta - she brought her piccolo trumpet. So at one point, we had 13 people on stage, yes, 13. All who were in the audience, was there some serious good energy that night, or was I imaging things? That is, aside from myself... I had a hangover, which I announced on stage. I just didn't feel the onstage banter thing. I wanted to hear the band! They revamped their sound system at Tobacco Road, too. It was a great night and I wish I had recorded it.

The next night, we played O'Donnell's - thanks AGAIN to our Hoboken people for trekking to Harrison. It was great to have you.

On to the 23rd - the Hoboken Harriers annual Snowball... We played this party 2 years ago and the asked us back. Heather Bennett played keys with us this night. It was fun - the dance floor always had someone on it, and the partiers caught on to the "Dance Dance Dance" dance pretty quickly. Thanks to our friends for coming out and to Joe Del Priore for hooking us up with the gig. Minoru had the flu, Jack was just getting over the flu and filled with cold medicine, and for some reason, I opined about "Moulin Rouge" and was shocked to see how many people in the audience liked that silly movie... don't know why I brought it up. But we don't all have to agree on everything, right? Anyway, it was really a great party.

But the biggest news of all - Concussion Studios is nearly complete! I will be taking pictures of this fabulous rehearsal studio, soon to be recording studio, located in the lovely basement of my Jersey City home. And we will definitely have a grand opening party. Thanks to Henry, Rob, Arie, Steve, and all my bandmates for coming over and getting manly! My plan is to truly set up a recording studio. Of course, this basement is totally not up to code, so don't tell anyone official about it. I probably can't even advertise it as a business. I probably shouldn't be talking about it here, on the internet. OOPS!



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