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There's Jack to the left sitting on the couch playing Marco's acoustic guitar. Fat toes, skinny guy... :-) The cast comes off March 5th.

We're just poking along with the gigs! We had one gig this month, on the 14th of February at the uptown Hogs & Heifers. BUT IT RESTORED MY FAITH IN NEW YORK CITY GIGS. Yes, you read that right. Those of you who follow this DEAR SURFER (which is actually a "blog", I've realized, but when I started it years ago, I didn't know what a "blog" was. Well, it's not really a "blog" because I only do it once a month. I guess I still don't know what a "blog" is!) Anyway, those of you who follow this Surfer/blog/newsletter may recall that a few months ago, I was crying the blues about NYC. I said I GIVE UP. Not any more.

Hogs & Heifers is a crazy place. I didn't realize there was a movie made about it... Coyote Ugly, I think it was called. The bartenders get up and dance on the bar. Those chicks could really dance, too. The venue was very crowded and the crowd were having a great time. Thanks to Pooky & Bob for coming out! And to everyone else. Thanks to Howard for selling CD's and getting names on our mailing list. To everyone who didn't make it, guess what? You missed a great time and it's not going to happen again until JULY! Because while Hogs & Heifers has changed my attitude about NYC, it hasn't changed my attitude about any venue other than Hogs & Heifers, and they book very far in advance. July was the earliest slot they could give us. This means we won't be playing NYC again until July. Sorry about that, fans & friends, but I'm getting cranky in my old age and my B.T.M. switches into overload much quicker than in the past (that's my bullshit tolerance meter.) But in typical Stefanie fashion, this could change. We have another vocalist in the wings and I need to teach her our stuff. Once that happens, we could be doing a regular NYC gig at another venue on Tuesday or Wednesday nights (and hopefully get the Random Horns to come out!) But I haven't gotten around to teaching the singer our stuff. It's become extremely tedious for me to keep teaching new people old stuff. Not only that, but it has zapped my creativity. Both Marco and I have been so consumed with teaching our old stuff and writing charts that neither of us has written a new song in forever. He has an idea for one and so do I and our 2 ideas sort of mesh, but we haven't had the time or energy to work on it. It's interesting how I don't get bored tutoring (for those of you who don't know, I do private tutoring through a company called Score!Prep - the verbal portion of the SAT and SAT2, Writing.) I teach the same thing over and over to high school students and it doesn't bore me or sap my energy, but teaching blue number nine's songs to people over and over and over and over bores the shit out of me. I don't know why that is!

We got another festival booking for the summer, this one in Salisbury, Maryland... chicken country. In fact, it's a chicken festival. It's called THE CHICKEN FESTIVAL. Doesn't that sound funny? It looks like a fun time and we'll be pursuing other gigs in MD and DE so we don't drive 4 hours for one gig, but if nothing pans out, so be it. We do the best we can.

I also sat on a panel this month for a series called LADIES ON THE MIC put on by Shocklee Entertainment. It was interesting. Nice turnout. The evening began with a trailer for a documentary, then the panel (topic was using your art for Social Change - nowhere NEAR enough time for a topic like that!!) Then, there were performances, but I didn't stay because I had to go to work the next morning and the next evening, I was mixing (I'm producing another band... I LOVE THIS BAND and I think you will, too. I also think they are going to be very successful.) It was pretty cool. They did a good job getting people out.

Next month, blue number nine has the Cathedral Arts Festival in Jersey City. Please buy tickets in advance for this show! Info is on our SCHEDULE page. And we're playing Buffalo on the 17th and Cleveland on the 19th & 20th. I'm looking forward to it. Jack gets his cast off on March 5th. I hope he's ok for the drive and for the gigs. I guess we'll find out!

Finally, I know it's only February 24th and this letter for Feb. is up already, but it's a short month, for one, and for two, I'm leaving town Thursday night. March 1st is my birthday (happy birthday to MEEEE, happy birthday to MEEEEE) and this time, destination BARBADOS. Leaving Thurs. night, back March 2nd. Can't wait!



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