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I was so busy in February. I mean, truly, every day and every night I was either working at CBS, teaching or mixing blue number nine songs. I've developed a serious pain in my upper back from hunkering over the computer too much. BUT the CD is almost done, woo hoo!!

Sal quit the band last month (I think it was last month.) He had been too busy to record, so we found someone else to record some of the tunes. That's Luca. He's our new guitar player now. Great player, great guy. We really like him! We also have a new vocalist in the band named Nedge Guercin. Unfortunately, we didn't find her until about a week after our latest photo shoot, so she's not in any of the pictures. It's a shame, too, because she's really cute. And nice. And a great singer, too.

Now we've got a serious jazz slant - Luca, Marco, Morgan and Nedge are all of jazz backgrounds. Nedge majored in jazz vocals in college, Morgan went to Berklee and ended up touring Mexico for a year singing jazz. This will come in handy for a show I accepted on March 19th performing for a benefit put on by the Jersey Journal. They want us to play some jazz. Wish us luck! It's extremely stressful learning new material when new members don't even know our old material yet. The gigs keep piling on!

Check out the photos by Pavel Antonov on our photos page. Those are new. And as for the gigs piling on, I don't know if you noticed on our home page, but we've got quite a few booking agents now - Denmark & Japan, Italy, a guy in Canada, and a guy here in the NY metro area. But I should really put MARCO ACCATTATIS & of course me as our booking agents. Marco has been on a rampage seeking out new venues, and it looks like it's paying off. We should be heading up to NH and VT this year, which means we'll be booking Boston as well. And Morgan turned us on to a venue in State College PA. That would be a great stop on our way to or from Altoona. Also, I don't know if you saw the blurbs about us in "Steppin' Out" and "The Current", but that was Morgan's doing. GO MORGAN!!

The CD's are coming along. Having issues with the artwork. I really don't want to do it myself, but financially, I may have to. HUGE tax bill this year, and I'm scrounging to find the money to pay the govt my share of taxes to pay for the war and other things I don't support. I really do not like paying taxes for this reason, but only for this reason. So anyway, there are going to be 12 tracks on blue number nine's next CD. We believe the title will be DON'T LET THEM. And I am releasing a solo CD, too! I'm pretty excited about this.

Nevertheless, I was quite mopey this month. We didn't play any shows (BUT CHECK OUT OUR MARCH CALENDAR, PLEASE!) Not that shows cheer me up... sometimes, quite the opposite depending on the circumstances. I've just been working way too much. I have had no time for friendships or social life, and those are priorities I made for myself for 2005 and I haven't stuck to it. So I was depressed. And wanting to quit. And pondering life in general and what's next and all that. Well, looking around the internet, I found a cool thing, posted below. Then, we got hired for this Jersey City event (the Mayor will be there and other bigwigs) and then a wedding (The Rascals & members of Eric Clapton's band will be there, but I'm actually stressed about that because the couple wants us to learn still MORE songs we don't know... Dave Lambert will be singing with us on that one!) Anyway, here's what I found by doing a Google search for the band name (it cheered me up) -

Summary of this Music...
I can't explain their sound. They are a cross between many different genres: blues, rock. . . the CD says "File under rock/alt. rock" but don't let that part scare you. blue number nine is catchy without being cliche and mostly upbeat without being corny. The only thing better than listening to this CD is hearing them perform live.

  This type of Music is good for...
dancing, getting you energized, making you happy no matter what

  I especially liked...
They are just so darn original! All of the songs were written by them. Lead singer Stefanie Seskin has a powerful set of lungs and a great voice!

  I didn't like...
Some of the songs are super long.

  When I finished listening to this Music I wanted to...
Listen to it again. Especially "sweet sugar honey."

  This Music made me feel...
Hyper, upbeat, like the world was a beautiful place.

  The artist of this Music...
They are constantly touring PA, NJ, and NY! See their schedule at

  I recommend this Music because...
It's awesome. Everyone will like it. Enough said.

  Further Comments...
Buy this CD!

This is why I started this band and it's why I write music. It was good to be reminded of this (even though I still am working way too much and am still considering how to change this!)



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