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Dear Surfer:

On the 3rd, we played Tierney's Tavern in Monclair, NJ, for the first time. Thanks to Bob Conner for taking pictures! And to Jerry at Bumpskey for videotaping the show. The very next day, he had uploaded "LOVE THE BEAT" to his site! If you haven't checked it out yet, please visit - He put a couple of songs up... Love the Beat is my favorite, though. We had a nice turnout and between Evie, Morgan and myself, we managed to pull some people from the downstairs bar upstairs to check us out. It was a fun time, we put on a great show, and the staff liked us... to the point of getting me pretty drunk on various shots of various liquors which left me with a bit of a hangover the next day. But the hangover helped me get over the muscle aches... I can't help myself on stage. I just dance like a nutcase, and even though I workout, I inevitably feel pain somewhere after a bn9 show.
Speaking of pain, Evie was a real trooper, doing the bn9 dance moves despite severe back pain. She's been having trouble since the summer, but she did a great job on this gig anyway. And Morgan was great, too, as usual. We also had the pleasure of Brian , our friend from MySpace, joining us on harmonica on a few tunes. While I met him on MySpace, turns out he knows Luca, and he also knows both myself and Jack from religious activities a long time ago. Small world.

Marco and I went to check out a guy we met on MySpace called JT on the 11th in Harlem. The dingalings who answered the phone told us he wasn't on until 11. He was on at 9:30. We missed his show. It sucked for many reasons - first, it was SNOWING like mad that night. Second, JT is from Boston! And third, we missed his show!! But at least we got to meet him, and since we'll be playing in Boston in April, we need all the friends & fans we can get in the area!

I did a solo show at the Whiskey Bar on Feb 15th. Not much to say about it. We got a live recording from the venue, but it cost us $30, so between that and beer that I bought for everyone, I spent a bit that night! The venue does give the band drink tickets, but the choices are Bud, Bud Light & Coors Light and I and my band are snobs when it comes to beer. If I want to drink water, I'll drink water and not beer flavored water. No offense to anyone who likes those beers, I just do not. I don't like soda either.

Not much more to say in bn9 news, other than the fact that the booking frenzy continues! Check out our schedule. I hope I'm able to keep track of it all! It's confusing and we're doing some travelling. Not only that, we're juggling vocalists, and we're hiring horn players in Ohio and in South Carolina, and probably more to come! It's crazy.

I just want to remind you all one more time that we do have a forum on this site now. It would be nice to have someone in the forum besides one fan, myself and Marco and occasionally Luca chiming in. So do sign up and say hey...

Oh yea - we were interviewed for a radio show out of Florida called Pop Garden Radio. I'm going on vacation TOMORROW, February 23rd. When I get back, (March 7th), I'll put that interview up for people to hear. It's funny.

I will have a house sitter in my house every day, so don't even think of trying to rob me!



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