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Dear Surfer:

This month was relatively quiet. We're attempting to book shows for the summer and trying to get booked in new venues that are relatively local. It's really hard! Bands play for free, which screws it up for those of us trying to earn our living playing. Also, there's a company called Sonicbids which has taken over many of the festivals.... I don't really feel like explaining what they do in depth, but basically, if a band doesn't have a PAID Sonicbids membership, there are many festivals the band won't be able to play. Many events now are only accepting applications through Sonicbids. Bands have to PAY to SUBMIT to these festivals. Bands pay upfront just to be considered, whether they get the booking or not. It's totally shady and terrible for bands, and it's gotten out of control. It's a system that no one can beat and it is very discouraging. Aaanyway.....

On the 19th, we returned to the R Bar in NYC. We had Nadina and Morgan on vocals. Thanks to those of you who came out to see us! It was a particularly fun night at the R Bar this time. But I got a little drunk afterward and had a ripping hangover the next day. One day, I'll learn! We promise that we will find a venue in NYC that will let us play longer than 40 minutes. We've been trying to find one for years now, but this year, we're going to succeed!

Marco and I sat down to compose a new song this month. I have 3 new ones swirling around in my head. They always come in 3's! We didn't finish, but we will next month. I'm determined, even though my computer is all screwed up. I got viruses and I don't know how I got them, other than going onto MySpace. I had no idea you could get viruses on your machine just from visiting webpages, that's how behind the times I am! Also, I usually use a MAC. One of my PC's at home is super old. I'm still running Windows 98 and I can't go onto MySpace on that machien. I just use it for email. The other machine was supposed to be only for music, but I made the grave error of going onto the internet and now I have no more recording studio. A friend of mine is going to help me clean it up when after I return from vacation. I go away this Thursday. Can't wait!

Finally, it looks like we may be returning to Green Bay, WI, this summer, WOO HOO, and also, we have a show on Weds, March 25th, in NYC. We hope to see you!



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